I want to say Padre nuestro…

Mass in English doesn’t do it for me. I can follow it and, of course, I understand everything said, but spiritually it doesn’t touch me the way a mass in Spanish does.

Last Sunday my parents wanted to go to mass. There is a Catholic church right behind my building, in the street parallel to mine, and since Chicago has back alleys, we could go through the back of the building and just walk there. Or make a run for it, because, as usual, we were running late.

My parents rarely go to mass, in fact I’d say this must have been the first time they went this year and who knows if not in the past couple years. I haven’t been going too much this year either, in fact it might had been my first time so far too.

I found a church very close to me in NYC which offered mass in Spanish on Sundays, but it was at 10am and that made it hard for me to be there. On Sundays I sleep in and now that I’m working, it’s almost the only day I can actually do that. I haven’t searched for a Spanish speaking church here yet. But I think I might check them out, just in case the urge hits and I don’t know where to go. I mean, I could always go to one close by, but I don’t know, there is something about spirituality for me that is connected to language, that is connected to culture and when I hear the same things I know and believe in Spanish, said in English, it just doesn’t ring true for me, there’s something missing.

How do you view your spiritual life? Does it have to do with language? Do you think it’s bigger than just part of who you are as a person, but part of the culture you belong to? How do you make sure you get your spiritual fix?


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