I’m still here

I’ve been thinking about blogging a lot lately. I want to blog. I have ideas of what I want to share. I want to write about my job, the work I’m doing, the classes I’m teaching and my students. I just don’t have time. I’m swamped. Really, very tired. Happy tired. It’s a good kind of tired. But still, tired and with no extra time.

My parents left yesterday. I already miss them tons. Especially last night when I got home from work at 9:30pm (I have a night class on Wednesdays) and my apartment was completely quiet. It felt very empty although all my stuff is there. I turned on the TV. Because now I have a TV and it’s connected to cable, so I actually have more channels than I’ll ever need and I have HBO! You know how long it had been since I had HBO at home? I wish I had more time to watch TV. To write posts, read blogs and watch TV.

Anyhow, I want to tell you guys about my new job and how much I”m loving it so far. I just finished teaching for this week. My last class of the week is Thursday afternoons. I’m exhausted. Teaching again is awesome, I really enjoy my students and I think they are enjoying their time with me too. But the prep time for classes when you are teaching a class for the first time is ginormous and I feel like all I do these days is read for class, prep for class, do power points for class, and plan exercises for class. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy doing it. I just wish I had more time.

You see, my job entails three components, three aspects on which I should focus my time. Teaching, of course is one of them. It’s actually crucial in this university, because it is a teaching school. But besides teaching, there are components 2 and 3, which are research and service, which also need time and dedication. I haven’t been doing much research, well, besides a research retreat we had all day last Friday. In which I found two colleagues also interested in spirituality, with whom I sketched out the preliminaries for a study we might be working on soon. It’s exciting, but I am anticipating a lot of work.

I should be focusing on turning my dissertation into a few articles I can send to journals for publication, but I still haven’t done that. I need to get to that ASAP, but the teaching, the teaching has taken over my days and hours and there has been no time left for research. I need a plan, a game plan, which for now, involves reading for class at home during the weekends, so that my office time can be split between class prep and grading, and research.

Service, I have been sort of doing. I joined the steering committee for the Center of Latino Research at the university and will be meeting with then once a quarter to plan activities, events and possibly carryout research. And from here onwards I have meetings, for what seems to be every Friday, for program, department and faculty tasks. I also have a meeting with the Dean every month or so, he wants to meet with the new folks to make sure everything is going ok. So service is sort of there, happening slowly.

So you can see my not blogging, my scarce tweeting, my non-existing commenting on other people’s blogs, and my not as frequent FB comment are not due to lack of interest or want, it’s because I’m up to my ears in work, work which I truly love, but which leaves mostly no time for the fun stuff. I open my blog roll at work and leave it there in the background as a potential reward I’ll give myself once I finish reading, prepping, answering emails… I rarely get to it, and I miss it! Once I get home I’m so tired and have spent mostly all day sitting at my desk, in front of the computer, that sitting in front of my laptop to read blogs just doesn’t seem that appealing. So here I am posting this one day after I started writing it, because my hope for now is to post once or twice a week. At least until I have this whole time management under better control. For now, just bare with me, but know I’m still here.


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