Our Weekend

The weekend started with my parents picking me up from the Nature’s Museum, where I was having an all day research retreat for work. We headed over to Melrose Restaurant so they could have a late lunch, while I had dessert. It’s funny, having my parents here visiting me, makes me feel like I am back living at my parents place once again. My mom has started making me sandwiches to take to work for lunch and my dad drives me and picks me up from work everyday, so that they can keep the car and go places while I’m at work. I feel 16 and in high school! I guess that could be a good thing too.

After lunch we headed over to the Belmont Harbor. The lake is walking distance from my apartment and this harbor is really stunning. They hadn’t made it to the lake yet and being Friday such a beautiful day for strolling, we headed over.

We went home after a brief nap on the harbor lawn and watched a movie in my new flat screen. Which, by the way, has the best HD picture I’ve seen so far. I mean, really, wow. I wish I had more time to watch TV now.

Saturday was a rainy, cold, sleep-in type of day. So we did, we slept in. I so needed it. This working full-time again has me beat and I need my sleep. In the afternoon we ventured out. There was an Art Fair not too far from us and off we went to explore. There was music, food and lots of art. I didn’t fall in love with anything, which I guess is quite good, because frankly, right now I can’t afford it.

Sunday was supposed to be a beautiful day and it certainly was. We headed over to the Navy Pier for the day, had lunch at Dock Street Cafe and roamed a while.

Later that afternoon, my dad had invited us to dine on a cruise. We took the Spirit of Chicago line and spent two and half hours on a boat that served us dinner and took us for a ride up and down Michigan Lake. It was a fun ride and interesting too. It always gives you a sense of perspective when you look at cities from afar or just different angles. The ride was calming, soothing and a great way to spend a Sunday night.

And there you have it, our weekend. It was a great one. How about yours?

8 responses to “Our Weekend

  1. The harbor looks beautiful 🙂

  2. Chicago is such a fantastic city. I loved it there! I definitely need to visit again. It looks like you had a really great weekend.

  3. That patch of lawn behind the harbor in your third pic from top is where I used to have picnics all the time when I lived in Chicago. It’s been three years since I moved and although I love NYC, I still miss that lakefront so much. Hope you find time to take advantage of it as much as you can!

  4. You had such great weather for your parents’ visit. No wonder your mama fell in love with Chicago!!!! =)

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