I’m missing New York today. Missing it a lot. Like I could sit here and cry, a lot. But I won’t. I’ll write instead, in the hopes that writing will do the trick.

The last night I was in NYC I met with a few friends at a bar for drinks. On the way there I fell (thank you Sizzle for jinxing me!). I was wearing new high heels and apparently lost my balance and ended knee first on the cement. My friend Luisa had a band-aid on hand and I sported it all night. My first reaction when I fell was to get up and say “It’s ok, I’m fine, nothing happened.” But you know how pain takes a little time to kick in? Well, when it did, it hurt. Like really OUCH hurt, and I’m not just talking about my ego. I scraped my knee and got several bruises on it from that fall. I still have a bit of the scabs and scar, and it’s been over two weeks now.

The longing I feel for NYC is kind of like that scar I now have on my knew. I didn’t feel it at first. I was too busy with the move, the unpacking, the settling in to feel anything. Now, once everything has calmed down a bit, now when I’m starting to realize I now live somewhere else and this is not temporary, this is it. It sinks in. And it hurts. Ouch. I miss New York.

These were taken my last night, at the BB&R bar.

10 responses to “Ouch

  1. calma pueblo… poco a poco jenni..ya veras que cuando empieces a trabajar full le encuentras gustico a tus fines de semana alla.

  2. Cele – Si, ya ma~ana empiezo con dos dias seguidos de orientacion, el jueves tengo otra ceremonia en la univ y el miercoles vienen mis papas por dos semanas. Pero bueno, el guayabo de vez en cuando es inevitable. Poco a poco…

  3. At least you have some great last memories of NYC (and possibly a scar, too ;))…. I know it’s hard to move on from a place that you loved, but I’m sure you’ll fall in love with Chicago just as much!

    • I think, in time, I will fall in love with Chicago too. It’s just the beginning of the relationship, and to get to where I was with NYC will take some time. I’m all up for it, it’s just some days are better than others 😉

  4. It definitely takes time acclimating to a new city and feeling like it is home. It’s not just getting settled in a new home or office. It’s getting to really know your neighborhood. Understanding what the locals are talking about when they discuss politicians, places and things. And making a new set of friends, a new network you can lean on here like you did in New York. It’s not supposed to happen overnight and I think it’s OK to miss your life in NY. Just don’t let it cloud your excitement for being in Chicago too long … there’s a city at your fingertips just waiting to be discovered!

  5. Scars are good. They remind us of where we’ve been. Morbid, but true.

  6. True, it’s about feeling part of it all, that’s when you know you truly belong. Time, it will surely take time. But you are right, Chicago is a great city with tons to offer. I’ll just have to learn to love it as much as I love NYC.

  7. So hard to adjust to a new life. Time. It just takes time.

  8. Kate – Yep, time, and it's only been a month since I moved.

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