I Have An Office!

I think they’re having a shortage of space at DePaul at the moment and they were going through some rearranging of people. Some people, I guess were waiting and wanting to move offices and on top of that there seems (at least to me) to be a lot of new faculty and people hired this year too.

I have no point of comparison, since this is my first year here, but in a weak economy, bordering on depression, one would not think they would be hiring so much. I guess they’re above that. Anyhow, they took some time to find me a space and I was officeless, working from home all this time. Until yesterday. They assigned me an office and here it is.

I have an office!
It even has a space to work with students and meet and work with colleagues.
And, which is incredibly important, a ton of space to store books. Remember those 25 book boxes on their way from Venezuela? Yeah, shelves!
I’m really excited about this. If you’re ever on DePaul campus, you have to stop by and visit, by then I might even have some candy in a bowl to offer! 🙂


10 responses to “I Have An Office!

  1. Hey, that’s fantastic that you have an office now. Do you work on campus?

  2. Congrats on the job and the office. I love that your space has a MAC.

  3. Makes it feel that much more official now that you have an office! So cool! All those boxes of books reminds me of when we were moving from St. Louis to Boston. The last stop for the moving truck was my dad’s office (he’s a professor, too). He had so many boxes of books, they almost couldn’t close the back of the truck. No kidding!

    • If I had had an office when I moved, believe me I would have asked them to drop off those boxes there instead of at home. I can totally see boxes that almost can’t fit into a moving truck, that seems to be a recurrent theme in my life too 😉


  5. Kate – I am LOVING it!!!!

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