Touring Chicago

I finally took the after shots of my apartment, even though I am still missing a set of curtains. But this weekend was a fun filled, tour around Chicago kind of time with my friend Eduardo who was here for a few days, so I figured I’d share that with you first. The apartment update will come tomorrow, promise.

Eduardo arrived Friday afternoon and I meet him downtown near his hotel. We strolled for a bit to catch our barrings and bumped into “the beach” at the Michigan Lake shore.

Eduardo had made reservations at an Italian restaurant called Coco Pazzo so off there we headed. The food was delicious and the wine was outstanding! I need to take my parents there when they come, I think they’ll enjoy it a lot. After dinner and much conversation, we roamed a bit until we found the John Hancock building and went up to the lounge for drinks and to soak up the view.

The drinks weren’t that great, at least my passion fruit mojito could have been much better for sure. But the view was amazing! The photos don’t do it justice because I only had on me my iPhone cam, which is why I made a point of remembering my Panasonic Lumix the following day. I want to take the EOS out one day and take really great Chicago photos, but bear with me, the heat was unbearable this past weekend and only the thought of carrying it around exhausted me.

On Saturday Eduardo came to see my new place. He was the first visitor I’ve ever had. It’s always nice to be able to show the hard work to someone and have them appreciate it. But hunger was settling in, so off we went for lunch shortly after that, to have some Chicago pizza at Giordano’s, which coincidentally is quite close to where I live. We had pizza! Which they cut in squares… strange huh?

After lunch, off we went to Ingrid’s studio gallery. Ingrid is a painter friend of Eduardo’s parents, and he had a painting by his dad to give to her. She has a great studio in which she not only works and exhibits her art, but also teaches, so if you are so inclined this is her website.

From there off we went to roam downtown and take photographs to our hearts content. For some reason the settings of my little camera where off and the pictures came out with this cloudy hue, but you get the sense of the architecture and the heat. It was hot this day, very, very hot.

All this was along Michigan Avenue. We strolled up and down this street so many times I think we must know it by heart now. After that, we decided to take an ice cream break and headed over to Dairy Queen. I had my favorite strawberry cheesecake blizzard, it was delicious.

And then we headed over to Millennium Park and stayed for the Saturday night concert. It was beautiful and extremely relaxing which is exactly what we needed after all that walking in the sun. After the concert there were fireworks too, so the night closed off with a bang.
Sunday was Eduardo’s last day in Chicago and we set out to meet at the Gold Coast Art Fair in Grant Park. We had tried to make it the day before but had no luck, so Sunday it was.
The Fair was packed and there were lots of very interesting and beautiful pieces. I fell in love with two paintings I would have taken home with me in a heart beat, but I have to think of other expenses now. I did grab their contact info though, so once I’m a bit more settled-in and have some wiggle room in my budget I for sure will be calling. 
So there you have it, my very artsy-Chicago-touristy-fun-packed weekend. How was yours?


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