So far

I know you want to see the end result of my apartment and let me tell you, it’s 99% there. But I still have one undressed window and need to get those curtains down. Then I will be ready to take the “I am done with the unpacking and I am set!” shots.

I have to say though, everything was unpacked and ALL boxes were taken down (2 flights of stairs… ouch) to the recycling bin in the back alley, behind my building by Sunday. If you know me, you’ll now I don’t do messiness or clutter well and I am obsessive-compulsive about getting tasks done when it comes to order, so yeah, even my hair was hurting and I could hardly feel my legs and feet by then, but everything was done by Sunday afternoon.

The only things pending were the suitcases and the Christmas boxes, which I needed to get down to the storage room (I have a storage room people!!!!), but the woman who lived here before still had things in there, which she took out today. And the other thing that needed tending too, urgently because I was being woken up way too early everyday, were the curtains. So with the suitcases in the storage room and 3 windows dressed and only 1 to go, I promise I will have those pictures up in no time.

In the mean time, let me share some Chicago photos I took yesterday while I was downtown. Nothing fancy because I haven’t taken out my Canon EOS-40D out yet, but the good old iPhone camera does the trick every time. Here goes:

Macy’s Chicago
I was so surprised to find Macy’s so empty and also to see homeless people wandering about in the Cellar’s food court… it just seemed a bit odd. No comparison to the buzz you find in Macy’s NY, but hey, it was nice.
Harris Theater at Millennium Park, where I heard the most amazing outdoor classical music concert.
And the Bean at night
Nice huh? So far, I’m loving Chicago!


4 responses to “So far

  1. Let me give you a quick history to the Chicago Macy’s. For a century, it was the department store known as Marshall Field’s. It was absolutely cherished by Chicagoans. And then, like many department stores, it fell on hard economic times … which is when Macy’s swooped in, bought it and changed the name to Macy’s. People around here didn’t take to it so well. So, while the Macy’s in New York has an amazing and colorful history, it’s a far different story here in Chicago.

    Also, Millennium Park? Ahhhhhmazing. I love going to concerts there – the sound system is superb for an outdoor setting. Haven’t been there in ages, but it’s great to see you’re taking full advantage!

    • I had heard that story and then saw the still standing plaque that reads “Marshall’s Field” on the beautiful building. That building is stunning, inside and out!
      I guess if people are still having issues with Macy’s taking over they wouldn’t be too inclined to go there, but it just seemed strange to me to find it so empty on a Wednesday at 5:30pm, when in NYC I would avoid Macy’s like the plague because of the crowds. The up is that I would have not problem going there here 😉

      Yep, Millennium Park is beautiful and that concert? Totally breath taking, I’m glad I went.

  2. Kate – Thanks 🙂

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