My New Hood

I set up internet connection with Clear even before I moved to Chicago. I called from NY and set it up, paid for it and they “promised” it would arrive on Friday. Promises must mean nothing these days because, Friday came and went and Clear was nowhere to be seen. I called, complained, and they arranged to Fedex it to me the next day. Next business day that is, so I had to wait until Monday to get it. The thing is, I started work on Monday and I was not home when they came to deliver it (how dare I leave my apartment in the middle of the day!?). They left a note, I called and apparently they would come back on Tuesday. Well, Tuesday is here and as I sit and wait for Fedex to come and 3 o’clock hits and passes by, I can’t but miss terribly my doormen in NYC. I have wasted an entire day of errands, waiting for Fedex, and will they come today? No one actually knows for sure.

In the mean time, all these days I’ve been in my new apartment, I have been stealing internet connection from TRENDnet, the only sensible person who left their connection unsecured for me to use. The thing is it’s spotty. How dare you TRENDnet? I had internet Friday and some of Saturday, but not Sunday or Monday. Today it’s working. Of course it is, because today was the day Fedex would deliver my equipment and I would not need TRENDnet any more, and we all know Murphy, right? But I won’t complain, I’ll take advantage of the good fortune and blog, because blogging has been on my mind all these internet-less days.

Since I moved I have not done much more than unpack, throw out boxes and clean. Organize things, sort things and trash some others. I did get a chance to roam around my neighborhood some and meet some of my neighbors. I ate out too, went to the supermarket and visited Walgreen’s a couple times. And every time I ventured on these little solo outings, thoughts crossed my mind and I wrote about them. I couldn’t blog them then, so I’ll share them with you now, here goes:

August 13, 2010

I’m not sure if my new neighbor is a man or a woman. He looks like a man, has the body built, in fact he is built like a body builder, super buff. But he/she wears skirts. All the time. This seems a little odd to me.

August 14, 2010

My neighbor is a man, I met him today. His name is Steve and apparently he has a wife called Kathleen. They also have a cat, Coco. Coco is my mom’s nickname… this will be interesting! In any case, Steve is very nice, seems like a sweet soul, even if he does wear skirts. I haven’t met his wife, but he says she’s a teacher, so we have that in common.

August 14, 2010

I went out for food and my first stroll around the neighborhood. There is a fresh market that sets camp in the parking lot of a school in the corner of my street on Saturdays, so I thought I’d check it out before having lunch.

While there, a ring caught my eye. It was a tagua ring, in the same fashion as the one I bought in NYC. The guy from the stand told me about them, I told him I had one and we chatted for a bit. He asked if I wanted to be on the email list and I said yes. He asked if I lived around the neighborhood and I said yes, just down the street and explained I had just moved here from NYC this past Thursday. He asked why I had chosen this place, having Chicago so many great neighborhoods to live. I explained I’ll be working at DePaul and wanted a place close to it, but not in it, so this was it. He then proceeded to ask if I was single and if he could give me a call some time. I said yes and yes, so I gave him my number and parted with a smile. I smiled, because I had not been out literally more than 10 minutes and I already was being hit on and in the most unassuming way too. This seemed easy, natural, nice. Remember how I said I was off online dating for good? Well, there you have it. If this is how it’s going to be, you can kiss it, because this gal is not going back!

August 15, 2010

I was told my neighborhood is called boystown and from the looks of it, it sure is. There are rainbow flags everywhere and not too far from me a night club called Spin advertising half naked men. Stripper club? You bet!

I took a stroll around this afternoon and I saw more than my share of sex shops, tattoo parlors and drunken men. That I’ve noticed, why are there so many drunken men walking the streets? They look like homeless drunks, you know the kind? Well yeah, I’m starting to get the impression I live in the Chicago equivalent of the Village… and I’m kind of an Upper East Side sort of gal. We’ll see, so far it’s ok.

And then I witnessed this:

On a corner, two men holding hands, one trying to persuade the other to keep on walking with him. This last one says “I do want to trust you, but I know…” a bit wobbly, seemingly had one too many to drink, “I know you’re a whore.”

And there you have it, I definitely live in the Chicago version of Greenwich Village! Welcome home baby!


9 responses to “My New Hood

  1. Nothing like living in a colorful neighborhood. Heheheh. Glad to see you’re getting settled in and even meeting some people. Hope your start of work went well, too!

    • 🙂 true! I am liking it a lot, it’s VERY different from NYC and my life there, sometimes I feel like I live in a little town now, but I think it’s because people are much more approachable here and it gives me that homey feeling. NY is very anonymous and although you do feel like you belong, you do so in a different way.

  2. What is this “doorman” that you speak of? I’ve always lived a life of missing the UPS/FedEx guy and then having to travel to the warehouse to wait in line for my packages. 😉

    Sounds like your new neighborhood is not going to be boring!

  3. jajajajajaja…me siento muy identificada con esta experiencia porque cuandollegue a Madrid el apto que conseguí estaba en la que luegodescubrí era la zona "bohemia" de Madrid justo al lado de la zona gay de aqui, Chueca…en aquella época iba mucho por allí porque me encantaban los restaurantes, mercadillos y las peluquerías son lo máximo!…además alguna vez me ha pasado que al elegir hoteles para viajar y conocer alguna ciudad de Europa, casi siempre resultaba escoger alguno en la zona gay de la ciudad y x supuesto no me enteraba de ello hasta llegar allí…¿que por qué elegía este tipo de hoteles? porque aparte de que no ponen (o no ponían)nada del asunto en la web siempre eran los que mejor calidad precio ofrecían y solían estar muy bien ubicados… la verdad es que siempre he tenido muy buena experiencia en ellos, normalmente son bastante modernos y con un personal muy amable… no se como será esa zona en Chicago, pero a lo mejor tiene cosas de las que puedes disfrutar como pasa aquí en Europa…así que good luck!!

  4. great list of observations!

  5. Chica, que sera? Tendras un iman para las zonas gays? Para mi esta es la primera vez, asi que estoy como sorprendida, pero la verdad es que hasta ahora todo chevere 🙂

  6. Wow, a lot of experiences in the first few days, yes? 😉

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