I Moved!

I moved!!! Last Thursday I woke up extra early (4 flipping AM people!) to fly to Chicago, to leave NYC, to move. The flight was on time and the cab to my new place took less than half an hour. The broker met me there to give me my keys and show me the ropes, more or less.

The movers were late (no surprise there, Prime Van Lines is the WORSE moving company ever, please don’t use it, be warned). They had first said they would arrive between 8 and 10am, thus my early morning flight. Then they said it would be more like between 12 and 2. Around 1pm the driver called me to say he was running late and would most likely be in Chicago at 3pm. They arrived at 4pm, not one minute sooner.

While I waited for them to arrive I got myself situated a bit, looked around and envisioned where I would put each thing. The movers would unpack the big stuff, the stuff that I would not be able to move by myself once they left, so I needed to have a plan. The empty place looked like this:

The Entrance
The Bathroom
The Bedroom
The Living room
The Dinning room
The Kitchen

After a while of waiting I started getting hungry, so I went out for a stroll to see what I could find. I found a diner and had a burger and fries. Not the best, but definitely hit the spot and gave me energy to go to CVS (no Duane Reade here) and get some coke and a bottle of wine, because of course that’s what I would need later on, right? Totally forgot the milk, but had wine!

I walked back home and waited, they finally arrived!
And quickly after that the place started looking like this:
They were unloading and unpacking the big stuff until around 7:30 pm that night and once they left I set out to unpack the kitchen because I was starved and also because I needed glasses to be able to drink the said wine. Hours passed and when I came to realize it it was 11 pm and I had not had dinner or wine, but was too exhausted to think any more and went to bed. Tomorrow would be another day… a day of hard work from the looks of it, but another day, and I would get to sleep in my own bed after weeks of bunking with Soph in the sofa bed. Things were looking up for sure 😉


14 responses to “I Moved!

  1. Sorry about the movers, that totally sucks. But glad you are all settled now. Your apartment is gorgeous. And we miss you in NY, but Chicago has a bright new sunny person in their (and now your) city.

    • Yeah, the movers totally sucked, big time, but I am settled now and happy. Thanks! You have to come visit sometime soon!
      I’ll miss NYC and it’s people so much, don’t want to think about that now though…

  2. Oh wow.. your place looks AMAZING (even w/o furnishings). Congrats on your move!

  3. Love the new place!! Wow all that space must feel so grand 🙂 We definitely miss you here in NYC and look forward to your return, even if only for a weekend!

  4. Oh what a day! And what a neat place! Love it! Can’t wait to see more pics 🙂

  5. You moved!!! Away from NYC!! 😦 But your new apartment looks spectacular! I LOVE the paint colors! How exciting. Good luck unpacking. I hate that part!

    • I know, I miss NYC tons! But one has to go where the jobs are, right? And I am enjoying Chicago and my new place quite a bit too, so all is good with the world.
      Yes, the unpacking bit is always the worse. Fortunately, it’s all done now 🙂

  6. This apartment is dreamy! I love the layout and the color palette.

  7. Even without one piece of your own belongings in it, I love your apartment. It has such great bones, such great character! Cannot wait to see the finished product!!

    • I like that “it has such great bones”. It truly does have character just by itself. With my furniture in it I’m just adding the homey feel to it, but on it’s own it would charm anyone’s pants off 😉

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