Not married? Not old!

Going up the stairs of the TC library to see the giant bear:

Sophie “Let’s run up!”

Me “What? No, I can’t run up Soph.”

Sophie “Come on Jedge!”

Me “Soph, I’m an old lady, I can’t run up.”

Sophie “Je-Ji, you’re not old, you don’t even have a husband!”

Apparently, these kids have a “different” understanding of what a grown, old person is, or at least of the requirements for it. Remember when Nick thought I wasn’t an adult and thus not responsible enough to care for him, because I wasn’t married? I seem to have had it all wrong. It’s not that I’m getting old and I’m still not married, it’s more that because I’m not married I can’t be considered old… win!


8 responses to “Not married? Not old!

  1. Apparently I'm going to be forever young…

  2. Don't you worry, we can be young together! 🙂

  3. i love the way children think! only two options – to be old and married or young and single! how funny! i wonder if they think there’s such a thing as being married too young!

    • I wonder… I’ll ask Sophie to see what she thinks about getting married young. Although, I have a sense that she thinks 15 would be perfect for getting married, since she told me the other day she thought I was around 22 (!)

  4. ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  5. jajaja, que bueno!…no se que hago casada jajaja…creo que ya estas en Chicago, no?, besos!

  6. ahahah got to love kids! Glad you seem to be enjoying your last bit of time in NY NY?

  7. Ani – 🙂 esta de comersela!Silvia – 🙂 Si, ya estoy en Chicago, mi primera semanita aqui y hasta ahora todo bien. The Sarjent – Gotta love 'em indeed!

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