While I Wait Part II

Last week I posted about what I had been up to while I waited for my move to arrive. Well, this past week consisted of a little more of waiting time and I was up to more fun stuff as well. Here goes.

We had a taco Tuesday lunch date that turned into a pasta dinner at my friend Rachel’s. Alejandra couldn’t make, so it was just the two of us. We had a wonderful time, talking non stop. We discovered we have a lot more in common than we first thought and the chatting continued until I needed to head home around midnight. Fun times! Rachel made pasta and it was delicious!

Then on Friday I spent a very child centered, yummy food day with Sophie.We took the bus over to the West side, with some friends in tow.

And headed over to the Children’s Museum Of Manhattan.
We saw the Greek’s Exhibit and the Dora and Diego’s Adventures Exhibit.
And the climbing and books exhibits (I forget what they are actually called).
Around 2ish we has seen everything there and were famished. So off we went to grab some well deserved lunch. Sophie wanted chicken nuggets and french fries and we were in luck when we bumped into EJ’s Luncheonette.
I had a burger, which was delicious.
After lunch, Sophie wanted cupcakes, so off we went over to Crumbs and got a few which we took home to share with Liz ans Cas.
It was a great day and as Sophie called it “Today was a treat!”
Saturday was a special fun filled day too. It started out with a visit to the pool. In my soon to be ex-building in NY, there is a pool and a deck in the rooftop. So we gathered our sunscreen, towels and floaty and up we went to soak up the rays.
After we had been there for a while, Liz and Ina showed up for a chat.
The fun continued in the afternoon/night when I met Mike at Union Square and we walked over to Momofuku Ssam Bar. It was delicious. The pork buns everyone raves about are the thing! You need to order them once there. After dinner which included oysters, pork buns, pork and spicy rice cakes, an incredibly delicious octopus, a beer and a few glasses of wine, we headed over to the Milk Bar next door. Mike had the cereal milk ice cream, I passed. I know, I know, how on earth was that even possible?! Me passing on dessert?! But for some reason nothing sounded worth the calories… I think it was just too elaborate or just sounded a little too weird to me.
From there we headed down to SoHo and had some drinks in a very dark bar called the Red Bench. Neither of us had been there before, it just called us in while we walked by. A Cosmo and a few grapefruit and vodka beverages were had and we called a night. On our way back home we took this picture, a bit blurry, I know. Had you ever seen this swing on 3rd Ave? Yeah, me neither, but I got to not only swing on it, but stand and do a little dance on it too 😉 Thanks Mike for a great night!
Sunday was also a great fun, friend filled day. I had brunch with Cas and Soph at Timmy’s By the River and from there headed over to the MoMA to meet my friend David, who I hadn’t seen in several years. David and I went to high-school together and have lived in NYC at the same time for quite some years now. But you know how it goes, “Yikes, you’re moving? I haven’t seen you in what? 4 years!? We can’t have that. What are you doing tomorrow?!” So the MoMA it was, to see a photography exhibit. The topic was where photography and sculotures meet and all photos were of some form of sculpture. It was pretty cool, if you have time check it out.
After we saw the exhibit we had lunch at the MoMA Cafe and talk for about 3 hours. Yep, we had years and years of catching up to do.
I think this has been the healthiest meal I’ve had in the past two weeks! But it didn’t last, because after the museum, David headed home, and I headed over to the West side to meet Alejandra for drinks and some chips and salsa, and some fried calamari. See? Healthy? Not so much. Mmmm, mango frozen margaritas…
So that’s my recap. Not bad for a waiting period, huh? 😉 What have you been up to lately?


2 responses to “While I Wait Part II

  1. You are soaking in your city, just as you had planned. Good for you!

  2. I sure am, and really loving it 😉

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