Ending Cycles

I had dinner at my friend Rachel’s last night and we got to talking about our beliefs. She then shared this with me and I liked it so much, I thought it would be nice to share it with you too. Here goes, I hope it resonates with you as much as it did with me.

Ending Cycles…

We always know when a stage of our life ends…
and if we keep insisting on staying in this stage more than the necessary time we may lose the joy and the meaning of different stages we are yet to live.
Ending cycles, closing doors, finishing chapters. It doesn’t matter which name we use, all that matters is leaving behind the moments of our lives that are already over.
Were you fired from work? Did you end a relationship? Did you leave your parents’ house? Are you going to live in another country ? Old friendships disappeared without any reasonable reason? You can keep questioning yourself or trying to rationalize it for ages, you can try to understand why such important and solid thing in your life abruptly disappeared… But keep in mind that acting like this for such a long time is not only unhealthy for you but will also make everyone around you suffer: parents, siblings, loved ones, close friends… all of them will be also ending cycles, stages, moving forward and they will suffer seeing you freeze.
No one can be at the present and past at same time, not even while we try to understand what happened to us.
What is in the past won’t come back: we cannot be forever boys, teenagers, sons that feel guilt or remorse when they think about their relationship with their parents, lovers that keep a link with someone that is already gone and has no intention to come back. Moments pass by us and the best attitude we can have is let them go away…
That’s why it’s so important (even though it may be painful) to get rid off memories, change or rearrange the place where you live, donate or sell clothes, furniture, books, etc.
Everything in this world reflects an invisible world, what’s going on in our heart… and by letting some old memories go away you are opening space to create new situations and memories.
So let it go, release it. No one is playing in this life with marked cards, so sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.
Don’t wait for someone to give something back to you, don’t wait to have all your best efforts recognized, don’t wait for others to realize you are a genius or hope that they will understand and embrace your love. Stop turning your emotional TV on and watch always the “same movies” that shows you how much you have suffered with a loss: it will be poisoning you even more.
There is nothing more dangerous than a non accepted brake up, promises of a perfect job with no date to start, postponing decisions in order to wait for the “perfect moment”. Before starting a new chapter of your life you need to end the old one: tell yourself that it’s for the best, so what went away won’t come back!
Remember there was a time when you could live without that, without that person – nothing is irreplaceable, it’s a habit not a necessity. It may seem obvious, may be rough but it is such a very important thing to do.
Ending cycles: not because of your pride, incapacity, rage, but simply because that situation doesn’t fit your life anymore.
Close the door, change the CD, clean your house, clean your life.
Let who you WERE behind and become who you really ARE. Become a better person, make sure you know exactly who you are before knowing someone and wait for them to find out.
And remember: Everything happens for a reason.
(Free translation – Encerrando Ciclos, Fernando Pessoa)

2 responses to “Ending Cycles

  1. buenisimo!, me ha encantado…besos

  2. Que bueno que te gusto 😉

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