While I Wait

It’s been a week since the movers came and took all my stuff and I am still in NYC. They were supposed to send my things with the truck heading toward the Midwest last Thursday/Friday, but that didn’t happen. The next date was Monday, yesterday, but that didn’t happen either, so it’s looking like tomorrow Wednesday might be the day my things get rolling. In the mean time I’m still here, waiting and taking advantage of the free time in NYC.

I’ve been seeing loads of friends and saying goodbye. I hate saying goodbye, but hey, it’s better than just leaving and not saying anything. My grandmother used to say that leaving without saying goodbye was leaving like a “barranco”, just gone, nothing there to see, nothing there to do. That’s kind of sad. I don’t want to be a “barranco”, so goodbye it is.

I went to a beach in Westhampton with Ina and Joan for the day. This was my first NYC beach experience this summer and I loved it. We headed out early in the morning and were the first to arrive at the beach, so we could pick any place we wanted to sit and chillax. The water was rough, our adventure in the sea was an accident-prone one, but the sun was out and the breze helped us cool off a bit, so all was good with the world.

I hung out with Mike, we had brunch at Cafe D’alsace a french bistro close to my place, which I like a lot. And then headed over to see Inception. Have you seen it? If not, run, run now and go see it, it’s that good. It will leave you thinking about it for days and will offer endless hours of conversations and discussions. You will love it, trust me.

I met with Jason some weeks back to finally give him back his things and get mine. It was really nice to see him again. Now that the sadness is gone and I am over the breakup, seeing him and spending time with him was like reuniting with a good old friend I hadn’t seen in a while. It felt like the good times together without the boyfriend/girlfriend bits. It made me think if that was what we were meant to be all along, just friends. We met in Union Square, walked over to the East Village and had an early dinner at Porchetta. Their pork sandwiches are incredible. They’re a take out place, so we took our meal and headed over to the park and sat there to eat and talk. It was truly nice. After, we walked over back to Union Square and had an ice cream, from Mister Softee and sat there to people watch and talk some more. It seemed appropriate that our last encounter would be in the same place we had our first date and that we ended the night sitting on a bench eating ice cream, the same way it all started over a year ago. It was a very symbolic way to say goodbye and it left me feeling good about the whole thing.

I also met with Radhika and Nancy for out last Friday dinner get-together. We went to Dafni Greek Taverna to have some greek food. Look at our meals! We had a wonderful time catching up and not even the rain storm could damper our chit-chat. Too much to talk about! I’m gonna miss those gals. You know what else I will miss? Cold Stone ice cream! Which we had for dessert. But do you know what they have in Chicago? Dairy Queen!!!

Then, a couple weekends ago, my friend MariVi invited me to go see a Yankee’s game, and we had a great time. The Yankees lost and the sun was unbearably hot, but we still had a good time, eating hot dogs, drinking Pepsi (they don’t sell Coke) and just taking it all in. The new stadium is truly beautiful, I loved it, thanks MariVi!

I’ve also had a great few days of lunch and shopping with Rachel and Alejandra, two new friends I made through twitter and who have turned out to be great gals with whom I hope to keep in touch. We roamed NYC streets, stopped my Limelight Marketplace, which I had yet to check out and ate at Coffee Shop Restaurant and  Republic. We’ve had great times. It’s outings like these, roaming NYC, doing girlie stuff with great gals, which I will miss the most.

Then I met Ryan, a friend I hadn’t seen since we were both around 10 years old and were in fourth or fifth grade. It was a little surreal to see him again and talk as if no time had passed at all. We of course had years and years of catching up to do, so we made ourselves comfortable at Heartland Brewery, had a few drinks and chatted the afternoon away. It’s incredible how some friendships can stay the same and “el cari~o es el mismo” even after all these years.

I met my friend JW for drinks the other night too to say goodbye. We ended at Pasha a Turkish place in the UWS, close to his new apartment and had some very much needed spirits 🙂

And I have also been hanging out a lot with my sister, Soph and Cas, who are now living in what used to be my old apartment. This is my favorite dish from Telio, my favorite Greek restaurant from the UWS, where I went to with Liz while searching for apartments for her and running some last minute errands at TC for me.

So, what have I’ve been up to while I wait for my move, you ask? Well, friends and food, what else is there?


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