Yesterday was a long, tiring day. The movers arrived at 9:30am and it wasn’t until 8pm that I was signing the forms and paying for half the bill. They took everything. I only kept a big suitcase with clothes for next week, my cameras, diplomas, passport and other important documents, jewelry and my laptop. That’s it. The rest of my things, everything else, is gone in a truck, to a storage warehouse, to be placed in another truck and eventually going on the road, heading to Chicago.

I’m still in my apartment. It’s not empty though. My sister, Cas and Sophie moved in as I was moving out. They brought a few of their things (bed, table, sofa bed, clothes, kitchen and bathroom stuff) and will be staying here until September. They sold their place and are still looking for a new place to move to, so this is home temporarily.

It’s weird being in my place without my things. I keep looking back to the kitchen wall in the hopes of seeing the clock. It’s not there any more. I keep opening cupboards and closets, looking for something, which is in a box, in a warehouse in NJ. It feels very strange to be here and be surrounded by sister’s things. It’s like being in her home, but in my apartment. Very, very weird. 

I’m tired, extremely tired. But this will be my time to wrap things up and enjoy NYC a bit too. I’m closing chapters, saying goodbyes and taking it all in to make a solid memory that I can go back to anytime I need it in the future. I will miss this place. It’s been home for a very long time, not to mention I’ve been in love with NYC ever since I moved here for the first time in 1997. It’s hard to say goodbye to a great love.

But the thing I will miss the most, what will make my heart ache, is Sophie. Today I started explaining that I would be moving to another city. I had to explain what a city, a state, and a country were. I even drew a map to show distances, at least somewhat. I reassured her we would see each other. I said I would come back and she could always go visit me. Her response? “But I don’t speak Chicago” 😀 Gotta love that kid. She just came back from a week long trip to Germany and Holland, so she is very aware that in other places, people speak different languages. I explained people in Chicago speak English and she would do fine there. She said “So we’re speaking Chicago right now?!” I’m going to miss this kid. Miss her like mad.


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  2. Es lo maximo la Soph! 🙂

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