I arrived in NYC from Ireland and was there for a day and then off to Venezuela. I had planned on going to Venezuela sometime during the summer to sort out my things. You see, my parents are moving, selling their house, most of their belongings, packing their bags and off to Florida. I still have quite a few things there, so I needed to throw some stuff out, see what I wanted to keep and what I could give away. Not too fun.

It was a bitter-sweet trip. I’m always happy to go “home”, see my peeps, hang out in the Caribbean weather and eat my favorite foods. But this time, along with all that was saying goodbye to the life I know there, my parents’ home, my dog and the generally status quo as it has been for quite some years now. Not easy, and I truly think it hasn’t quite sinked in yet either.

But the first thing on the list was a celebration. I finished my doctorate and graduated, and my mom defended her dissertation and should be graduating soon too. So there was a party to be had, and friends and family to be invited.

The weekend I spent there was a long weekend, celebrating Venezuela’s independence day, which falls on the 5th of July. So, of course we went to the beach, which is where most long weekends are spent by Venezuelans. This was also a bitter-sweet trip, because as you can imagine, my dad is selling his boat too (anyone interested please contact me), so this was the last hoorah… I know for a fact the goodbye hasn’t quite sinked in, it will hit me one day, hopefully not in an awkward social situation like a party or at work, but it will hit me, and when it does, I’ll cry, which I haven’t done yet.

But anyhow, we were in Puerto La Cruz for a few days, which were spent mainly in the beaches of Mochima. We went to our all time favorite Playa El Guaro and to a new discovery called Cachicamo. Both places worth checking out.

El Guaro was great. The water’s temperature is always pleasant in the Caribbean. The sun wasn’t as strong, but still present and willing to give you a good sunburn if you weren’t careful and used lots of sunscreen. But the worst experience this day was me getting stung by a jelly fish, because what’s a goodbye without a good sting? Yeah, this wasn’t pleasant at all, it hurt like hell and the scar and itch lasted a bit over a week.

But the rest of the time was just great. You really can’t beat water this color.
Great trip, overall. I’m still in denial that trips like these are probably over and done for me… but hey, better things are to come. Right? Yeah, I’m keeping positive and hopeful. Change is for the better. For the better and only the better, I tell you 🙂
The last days in Venezuela were spent in Caracas. I tried to contact and see friends and then had to cancel because I seemed to have caught something and spent one of the 2 remaining days I had in bed with a fever and then the following day with cramps and stomach problems. Fortunately by the time I left and had to get on a plane again I only had a cough and a runny nose, but the major part was over, or so I thought.

4 responses to “Venezuela

  1. Ohhhh. The beach. The sun. The water! I'm so jealous and yes, bittersweet is the right word. Sigh. Your new home. Their new home. All kinds of new beginnings.

  2. Kate – It was a great beach time trip 🙂 but yeah, bittersweet indeed.

  3. sad to go, but nice your parents will be so much closer to you. What made them decide to move over?

  4. True, it is nice to be in the same country. My dad retired and Venezuela is just not such a nice place to grow old in any more, unfortunately 😦

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