What are you wishing for?

I started this post about wishing and making wishes back in March, when I was reading this book: The Wishing Year by Noelle Oxenhandler. I wanted to share because, even though the book is no Nobel price winner, it has a powerful message and is very thought provoking.

The essence of the book is the portrayal of a year in the life of a woman, the author, in which she goes from a complete skeptic, glass half-empty kind of mentally, to a true believer in the power of wishing. Her attitude and thinking about wishes changes because she takes them full on and in a year sees materialize the three things she desires the most: a man/love, to buy a house of her own, and spiritual/inner peace.

There seems to be this trend going on about positive thinking, affirmations, making wishes and attracting towards you that what you think and are, which Oxenhandler addresses in her book. The concept is not novel at all she explains, it has been around for ages, but for some reason now it seems to be at the forefront and people have taken to it again. Why you ask? Maybe it’s because it actually works.

Positive thinking, affirming those things we want in our lives, personifying that which we want and attracting it by being/living it first, not only makes us happier (because if you think positive thoughts, you tend to project positivity and end up feeling positive, i.e. happy), but seems to actually help materialize in our lives that which we are wanting, desiring, or wishing for.

Oxenhandler makes a distinction in her book about desiring and wishing and she explains that wishing is a desire with intent, with direction, and thus more likely to come true than just desiring or longing for something. I know I’m making it sound all theoretical, when actually is written as a novel and not a text book at all, so I think you’ll enjoy it as a light summer read. Anyhow, my point with this post is not to recommend the book, but to share what I’m wishing for these days and to get you thinking of what is is that you want and wish for.

People who talk about affirmations, often give out some rules or guidelines to make them even more potent. One of them is to make them in only positive terms or language. Another is to state affirmations as something you already have or is actually happening in your life. And yet another guideline, is to make them short and to the point, some even say they should only be comprised of 7 words.

The recommendation is to say these wishes or affirmations every day, as many times a day as you can, to have them present, to make them part of your daily routine. Some authors say you shouldn’t share your wishes with others because that way you might weaken them. And yet others invite us to share them with everyone, putting them out there as much as possible, so that everyone and everything will work with us and help us make it true. I guess at the end, it’s your decision to share or not.

I currently have 3 affirmations glued to one of my closet shelves, so that I see them and read them out load every day when I go get dressed. I also have established triggers that help me repeat them, like every time I see the number 33, which is quite often, I say an affirmation. For example, I want to lose 10 lbs, but instead of looking at myself in the mirror and saying “wow, I’ve gained weight!” or “my god, I’m fat!”, I say “all excess fat in my body melts away.” This way I’m keeping it positive and not letting myself down, I’m saying it like it is currently happening, while I keep it short and to the point.

My other current wishes are to have wealth and abundance in my life, and to have the right person for me find and love me and want the same things as I do. I use to wish for finishing my dissertation, defending it successfully, graduating and finding a great full time job after I was done, and we all know how great that turned out. So why not give it try? Think about it, what harm can come from putting yourself into a positive mind frame and attitude about the things you feel are missing from your life and wish they would come true?

There is a warning though. Your wishes cannot harm anyone else and they have to truly reflect what you want. So the first thing, before making wishes, has to be sorting out exactly what it is you want and why you want it, and double check no one will be harmed by this happening, not others and not yourself. And then wish away! Make all the wishes you want and as many times a day as you feel like. The possibilities are endless and they are all out there for the grabbing. Why not go for it? 


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