Hippo Park

Ever wonder where kiddos go to play in NYC. Well, here I give you Hippo Park. It’s a playground located inside Riverside Park and has been an all time favorite for both Nick (can you believe Nick played in this park too?) and Sophie.

I really like this park and I think the kids who come here enjoy it as well. It is so different from any memory I have of the playgrounds I used to go to as a kid, which were just very 70s and very colorful… How were the parks you went to? Do you remember?


5 responses to “Hippo Park

  1. My sister and I walked Riverside every day when I was there to visit and we never saw this!

    • Kate, Hippo Playground is on 91st Street and Riverside Drive, it’s a little bit down hill and sort of hidden by the trees. But once you find it, it’s a kiddo’s heaven.

  2. Hi! I’m a photo editor at MommyPoppins.com – a site about fun things to do with kids/family in NYC. We are running a post on playgrounds and mention Hippo Park. Might we use a couple of your terrific photos to run along with the post? We would credit and link back to your page. Possible to let me know by EOD? Thanks! Shira

  3. i remember to go as a kid back in the days 1950s what a difference,

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