Finishing up

Last Friday was not only the beginning of the excitedly awaited World Cup, but it was also graduation day for Sophie and dissertation defense day for my mom. These events were happening in two very different parts of the world and unfortunately I could not be there for both.

Sophie had her last day at preschool and graduated into kindergarten, in New York City. Can you believe, the little squishy little baby she was is now a solid 5 year-old going off to “big girl” school next year? It seems like yesterday she was just learning to walk and talk and now, well now, she’s the most beautiful, the smartest and filled with joy little girl you have ever seen.

And while Sophie was graduated my mom defended her dissertation in Seville. This thesis proved to be a much more arduous, laborious and time consuming labor than she ever imagined it could be when she first embarked in her doctorate program a good 8 years ago.

But it is all done and you can call her doctor now, so all is good and right with the world.

Congrats to both! One just beginning, one almost finishing her career, both very accomplished and very much loved by all. Love you Soph, you bring joy and light to my life. Love you Maqui, you are my pillar of support and wisdom, wouldn’t be who I am today without you.


2 responses to “Finishing up

  1. Wow! Both you and your mom getting your PhDs at the same time!

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