Museum Mile Festival

Every year, once the summer temperatures hit, NYC hosts, on 5th Avenue, the Museum Mile Festival. For three hours all museums along 5th Avenue between 82nd and 105th streets are open free to the public. I had been wanting to go and for some reason or the other many Junes had past by and I still had not made it there.

This year I went, and although I knew it would be a bit of a nightmare to get into any of the museums, I thought it would be nice to take some pictures of new yorkers doing what they do best, gather in the streets.

It was nice to see everyone out and about being all artsy. There were a lot of street vendors too, especially food vendors, while others also took advantage of the opportunity to advocate for their cause.

I strolled over to the Met first, just to see the very beautiful building, because since I had been there recently, I had no need to urgently venture there this time. I then passed the Neue Gallery and there was a long line. I kept on walking to the Guggenheim. I want to see Haunted, but I figured with those lines and the amount of people in the museum at that time, I would be better off coming back another day.

Isn’t the Guggenheim just breath taking though? I can’t get enough of this building.
They had an array of art activities for children too, especially in front of the Guggenheim. The kiddos were having a really good time, which was fun to watch.

After a while of picture taking and walking about I decided I would grab a hotdog and head back home. I would walk this time though, because taking the bus to 5th ave was a bit of a nightmare. You would not believe what a mess traffic was because of this little art fest, the UES was chaotic to say the least.

On my way home I spotted this little mode of transportation, which I thought was truly cute. Isn’t it? I would gladly ride in one of these, especially when the traffic is so bad as it was this day. 

Well, so off I went back home, saying bye to the artsy streets and the crowds. 

It was a great outing and I’m glad I did it, but for true art viewing I’ll be back another day. Cheers!


2 responses to “Museum Mile Festival

  1. I love, love, love NY street festivals.

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