Pet Peeves

I’m a pretty tolerant person, I think it comes from having worked with children for so many years. I’m patient, I’m calm and I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. I try to not take things personally and constantly remind myself that whatever is going on is most likely not about me. And yet, still, there are a few little things that irritate me and some times make me lose my patience with others.

1.- Eating with an open mouth and making loud noises while eating. It grosses me out, I have no tolerance for it.

2.- Not responding texts messages. I understand taking some time to answer an email or a phone call, but a text message is an instant thing. It’s like IMing or having a face-to-face conversation, you don’t just leave the person talking to themselves and walk away, you respond! To not due so is just plain rude.

3.- Leaving people waiting for you or leaving them without saying goodbye. It really irks me to the point I’ll stop seeing someone if this happens more than once. For me, saying goodbye and being there for someone shows you care and not doing so, well, shows you’re just not worth my time.

4.- Being overly critical. I can’t stand this. Always pointing out how something could be better and illuminating its flaws instead or appreciating the good aspects of it, annoys me to the point I can get mad and even angry. Negativity does not bode well with me.

I could probably think of a few others, but why extend the negative list, right? Do you have pet peeves? What bothers you most?


4 responses to “Pet Peeves

  1. Well, the thing that currently bothers me the most is when I'm on the phone and Gay Boyfriend comes up to talk to me, and SEEING ME ON THE PHONE, asks his question anyway and then says it again LOUDER since I don't respond. Um, hello? Then he goes away pissed. What?! Infuriates me.

  2. Kate – 🙂 I see how that could get annoying… you and that Gay Boyfriend of yours… 🙂

  3. Le tengo mania a la gente que huele mal porque nunca se bania o se cepilla los dientes…esta gente, como dicen en Espania, se tiene que mirar ese "defecto" urgentemente jajajaja…Tampoco me gusta la gente que se la pasa en un chisme perenne, pendiente de la vida de los demas…ni la gente que es intolerante con personas de otras razas, distinta orientacion sexual o clase social…y tampoco me gusta la gente hipocrita o que pretende actuar de una manera y luego es de otra manera totalmente distinta o incluso opuesta…Creo que estas tres ultimas cosas no son manias, pero bueno…son cosas que veo frecuentemente y no me gustan nada…

  4. Silvia – Ay yo aguanto la respiracion cuando paso cerca de alguien que huele mal, y en el verano a veces los olores se hacen insoportables! Si, la verdad es que los chismes, la hipocrecia y la intolerancia son atributos que no le quedan bien a nadie.

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