Memorial Day Weekend

I stayed in NYC for Memorial Day Weekend. I thought I might head out but decided to stay here instead. The weekend started out with a viewing of the newly released Sex and The City 2 movie with a bunch of twitter friends on Friday night. And when I say a bunch, I mean a bunch! There were 9 of us.

The movie was ok. Light, funny at times and very flashy as expected. I liked the dresses of course and the scenery, Abu Dhabi is gorgeous! After the movie we headed over to HK, a bar/lounge/restaurant in midtown west. We had mojitos and ate some, since it was almost midnight and no dinner had been had. It was a great girls night out and a great way to kick off the long weekend.

Saturday was pretty uneventful for me. I stayed home most of the day and caught up on online TV, watched movies, a baseball game (the Yankees lost yet again) and did laundry. I even took a nap at some point. Someone would think I was hibernating, if it weren’t almost 80 degrees out, I would agree.

Sunday was beautiful, sunny and hot, and outdoor fun needed to be had. So off I went to a street fair they had at Lex between 34th and 24th streets. It was glorious.

Not real arepas, don’t care what they say.
It was packed and hot, very hot.
My friend JW met me down at the fair and from there we walked over to Gramercy Park.
We didn’t have a key, so we didn’t go in, but we got a good view.
We kept on walking and we bumped into this building. Nice huh?
We thought so and stopped for some pictures. 
And then we were off to the Union Square area. I love Union Square.
It was a really nice day, and I even got myself a little treat, this ring made out of a South American seed.
Isn’t it nice?

Monday was a stay in and relax day. At first I thought I would go with a blanket and some food to the park and just lay there and read under a tree. But then the Yankees were playing so I cooked some and stayed in to watch the game. It was totally worth it, they won, they won big! After that a nap was had and a session of reading in bed was much enjoyed. 
It was a great weekend, a great NYorky weekend. I hope yours was as great too.


10 responses to “Memorial Day Weekend

  1. I think street fairs are my favorite part of New York.

  2. They are definitely one of my favorite NYC summer activities 🙂

  3. That looks like so much fun!

    Thanks for stopping by on my blog! 🙂

  4. The thing, you know, is that the movie was filmed in Morocco, not Abu Dhabi, which, to be honest, sucks. Why didn't they just say the trip was to Morocco. I think the place deserves its credit, don't you think so. Street fair photos are beatiful, colorful and so NY.

  5. Mond – yeah, I saw interview clips in which they said they were in Morocco and Abu Dhabi, no sure if they film the entire movie in Morocco though. Great scenery in any case. Street fairs are the best 😉

  6. San – You are very welcome. Come back soon 😉

  7. If you like street fairs, you'll be just fine in Chicago. We have them pretty much every weekend throughout the summer! Also, you need a key to get into Gramercy Park? Seriously?

  8. Nilsa – Really? I'll love it then! I thought it was a NYC thing, so glad they have them there too. Yeah, it's a private park, very elitist and only a few honored ones have a key. Not really sure how you get a key, but they are hard to come by for sure.

  9. Jen, Is the ring made out of Tagua? Looks like it. Oh, and my comments are showing up as my blog's name because Blogger doesn't let me use my WordPress username. Weird.

  10. InPuirsuitOfWholeness – Si, es tagua, hecho por una chicas Colombianas residenciadas en Miami. Tengo su info si te inetersa comprar uno.

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