A Day at the Met

Wednesday afternoon I had set to go to the Met. As part of my do-everything-in-NYC-I-need-to-do-before-I-go mode, I’m planning to go back to all my favorite places (some several times) and explore the new ones I’ve been dying to visit for quite some time and never really had the chance.

Off to the Metropolitan Museum I went. They were showing a Picasso exhibit, the American Woman exhibit and the Big Bambu exhibit at the roof top, all which I wanted to see. I took some pictures, where I was allowed, so that I could share here, take a look.

The entrance photos were taken with my Canon EOS 40D, a gift from my dad, which takes the best digital pictures I’ve ever taken.

Inside the museum they don’t allow flash photography, so I used my iPhone camera to take some of those. I started at the Picasso exhibit. I don’t care much for Picasso’s Blue Period, so I have no pictures of that, but I did shoot some of his Cubist  paintings.

Some of his work reminds me of Toty’s work (my grandfather who was a painter) and made me a little remanescent.

I don’t care much for Picasso, the man himself. What I hear of him is not that appealing. Apparently, he thought he was God’s gift to art and thought of himself as greater than life. He was a womanizer and treated women poorly,was pompous and arrogant. Not really an upstanding hero to look up to, but some of his paintings are truly stunning, like this one, for example, it’s called The Dreamer and it’s supposed to be one of his wives while expecting. The colors here don’t do it justice, the piece just draws you in and takes your breath away.

His drawings are quite amazing too, some very intricate and elaborate.
I left Picasso and ventured over to the American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity exhibit. It’s all about fashion and the American woman, and how iconic and influential it/she has been to the world. If you’re in town, I highly recommend it. They didn’t allow photography there, so I just have this shot from before I was told to put the phone away.
After this, it was off to the Roof Top to see the Big Bambu maze that was being installed up there. The view from the roof top of the Met is always stunning and this was a bright, sunny and very hot day, so it did not disappoint. 
I’m not sure if they were just setting the exhibit up or were working on it, but there were a lot of people there, pulling and tying things together.
I think eventually people will be able to go on it. It has ramps and pathways within.
After I had seen all I went there to see, I headed over to the Illumination section, they had a pretty cool exhibit there, but I was beat and had actually gone down there for one thing. To make a wish. There is a very small, unpretentious fountain in the basement of the Met I tend to visit every time I’m there. I make a wish and head out into the world, leaving all the beautiful art behind, hopeful, faithful, wishful and almost always happier than when I went in.
And there you have it, my day at the Met. Art in all it’s glory and a wish to keep me hopeful.

2 responses to “A Day at the Met

  1. So sad I missed it 😦

  2. Mond – You would have loved it!

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