Friends and the City

Last Tuesday was a friend-fun-filled day. First I went to lunch with my friends Emily and Kate. We met at Community Food and Juice in the UWS. I had never been to this place and ordered the sandwich special which had bass, fresh tomatoes, arugula and a caper mayo which was very tasty. Highly recommend it.

Em and Kate have been my classmates at TC since the very beginning, and I truly wished they had finished with me. I missed them at the ceremony. They were part of my first ever study group, back when we were taking that horrendous course called C&T5000. That course actually made me cry, it was so intense. But these are happier times, see?

Over the course of the years we have been in the doctoral program, we met every few months or so, for dinner or lunch. This time we had a really fun lunch as usual. We caught up and told stories… I’m a bit bumbed thinking this will most likely be our last lunch together in a while. But it was a great one, thanks gals!

While I was there I took some pictures of the UWS, my hood as a student. This was the first neighborhood I ever lived in in NYC and stayed in it for the following 3 years. This time around I live in the UES, but have had to venture over to the UWS mostly ever day. It’s a pretty nice place, take a look:

Some of these places are new, some have been here for as long as I can remember, back in 1997, and others have been refurbished and changed they’re names. It’s still a pretty nice area to hang out if you’re around. These shots are mainly from 112th to 110th streets on Broadway, in case you were wondering.

After lunch I headed down to Times Square. I was meeting Ing and Jac to see if we could get rush or student tickets to see a show. First on our list was Billy Elliot, but we had no luck there.

We headed over to God of Carnage, which I am dying to see, but they weren’t so interested, so off we went. We got lucky at Promises, Promises, and got tickets for that night’s show. Danielle joined us shortly after that, while we headed over to Cosi so Ing and Jac could eat, since they had skipped lunch.

After lunch dessert needed to be had, so we walked to Magnolia over at 49th St. and 6th Ave, and got some goodies, we then enjoyed on a bench in a near by plaza. You gotta love NYC.

The show was great. Sean Hayes is superb. I love him. Funny, witty, cute and very credible as a straight guy. If you’re in town and looking for a good, light show to watch, you should check it out, but hurry, I don’t think it’s playing for too long.


4 responses to “Friends and the City

  1. que rico Jen! que ganas de volver a NYC!…como me encantaria pasar una temporada larga alli ;0)…Besos

  2. Tienes que volver Maraquita, esta es una ciudad como ninguna otra. Aunque las Europeas son una nota tambien, sin duda. Besos.

  3. I can't imagine leaving my school friends behind. YOu learn so MUCH with them, you know?

  4. I know, I will miss this ladies dearly!

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