Summer Fling?

Twice in what has gone by of this week, different friends have suggested that I take advantage of the few months I have left in NYC and find myself a summer fling. Someone fun, they say. Someone with whom I can take advantage of the free time I have, implying he must have a lot of free time too, to enjoy NYC. Someone with whom I can have a short, intense, fun relationship, and with whom I can leave things nicely when the time comes to go.

This is exactly what I wanted to do with Jason. Enjoy our time together while we had it and then, when the time came, say goodbye amicably and sweetly, taking with us the satisfaction of having fully lived and enjoyed together the time we had…. and not sulking, crying, missing, longing, as I have been doing these past months. Well, things don’t turn out quite the way we plan them, now do they?

As enticing as a summer fling sounds to me, because believe me, it does, I’m not sure things will turn out as smoothly as my friends make them sound. I think I’m better off going out, enjoying the city and all it has to offer me, and if I bump into a summer fling, then great, but go out and purposely look for it? I think I’ll pass. It is a nice idea though… it would definitely be fun… and given that this week is Fleet Week in NYC, it might even work out nicely… ; ) No, seriously. What would you do? If you were in my shoes, would you go for it?


2 responses to “Summer Fling?

  1. I know myself well enough now, that I am incapable of such a thing. I do not date, "Lightly." I take it all seriously. I only share myself with people who have the potential to be a long term partner. I think that decision has come with age.

  2. You know, I used to be like this too. Dating lightly just didn't do it for it. But sometimes "light" is exactly what I need while dating… still, that's not what I need right now. I want it all, the full package, and I am sure that will happen whenever it is the right time. I'll wait it out 🙂

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