Recap of this week

This week has been packed. Fun packed, which is usually a good thing. Tuesday night, I went to a meditation session in The Tibet House down in Union Square. it was very interesting. The session had two short meditations sittings and a Q&A which proved to be very insightful and informative for me. I’m truly enjoying the benefits of meditating and to hear a woman who has been doing it for over 30 years, her struggles and how she learned to let these flow, was very encouraging. After this though, I was famished and ended having dinner at McDonald’s of all places. Not very enlightened on my part, but what can I say, when I have a craving, I have a craving!

Wednesday, I had set with my friend JW to go have steak for dinner, in celebration of my dissertation defense and the culmination of my EdD. We went to Ruth’s Chris Steak House, to which neither of us had ever been, but had heard good things about. The meal was to die for. The meat was delicious, it just melted in my mouth and the wine (I had a glass of Malbec) was perfect, as were the asparagus with hollandaise sauce. We had such a good time. I don’t know if it was the wine, the company, the place or the conversation, but at the end of the meal I felt happy, truly happy. Thank you JW!!!

Thursday, was the night I met Jason to go to the Ricky Gervais show and then to dinner at the Tick Tock Diner. I wrote all about that in the previous post, so no need to elaborate much. But I will say, we both had a great time and that show? Totally worth going to if you can take a joke and not get offended.

Friday, I scored tickets to go see a play and invited Liz, who these days has become my theater buddy. I went over to the Sanderson’s early that afternoon and played Wii with the kids. They kicked my but at table tennis, swords and bowling. I could say I let them win, but they won fair and square, most of the time any way 😉 Once Liz got home from work, off we went down to the SoHo Playhouse to see The Irish Curse. I had never heard of the play or the curse for that matter, but it was funny. I was actually glad it was just us girls, because I wasn’t sure how the guys in the audience were feeling with all that talk of small willies. It’s a funny play, if it comes your way you might want to check it out.

After the show Liz and I were in need of a little food, so we walked around SoHo until we found a little Italian restaurant that seemed nice. We had a nice dinner and a glass of wine at Il Corallo Trattoria, which provided for rich conversation that we continued at her place until around 2 am. Good sisterly times!

And finally today, Saturday, I was up early to clean and tidy up because my parents are on their way in from Caracas. They’re coming for my graduation, which is next Tuesday, and will be here for a week or so. Very excited, very excited!

So there you have it, my fun packed, busy week. Did someone say “the pleasures of finishing a doctorate and being on vacation”? No? Then let me say it. Let me say it loud and clear! 😉


2 responses to “Recap of this week

  1. I totally laughed at your McDonald's. About once a year, ALL my tummy wants is a cheeseburger (yeah, the tiny little one) with fries and a diet coke and NOTHING ELSE WILL DO. Ha!

  2. Kate – I know the feeling, oh how I know it!

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