Being Happy

I read an article a few days back and now can’t for the life of me find the reference. It was research on what makes us happy. The authors had found that playing with children and listening to music was the most common and easiest way to trigger happiness in adults. There was no mention of sex, chocolate or ice cream, but I would venture to guess those factors play some kind of role in this equation as well. Wouldn’t you? In any case, it seems that tapping into happiness is quite easy, so what are we waiting for? Let’s go, be happy!


2 responses to “Being Happy

  1. gracias Jen!, si puedes compartir el artículo o consigues más tips de este tipo, compartelos!! ;0)…besos!

  2. Silvia G. – Si lo consigo, segurisimo publico el link. Me parece que lo lei en el NY Times, pero la verdad es que no me acuerdo bien donde fue. Un besote Maraquita!

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