A Weekend of Celebrations

I feel like during the week I’m so caught up on work, to-dos and life in general I don’t have time to miss *anything*. But as soon as the weekend hits, like clockwork, the longing sets in. I have found a way of preventing it though, as long as I’m busy, have things to do, people to meet, I’m fine. And this weekend was a fun packed one, so all was good.

Thursday night we went out to Mama Mexico and celebrated my defense and Liz’s birthday, which was that day. And then we went over to the Sanderson’s to have some of Margot’s famously delicious cake. It was a good night, although I was completely spent and had to take a cab home because I could barely hold myself up.

Friday found me staying home in PJs for most of the day. I blogged, talked to friends on the phone and read fun books, because now I have time to read for fun! (this thrills me to no end.) At a point during my vegging day I said to myself “so this is what a doctor does on a day off, nice!” 🙂 As you can see, I am truly enjoying being done.

Friday night my dad was in town. He was on his way to Beijing, so we only got to see him that night. We went out for dinner at Ozen and celebrated my defense and Liz’s birthday. The food was good and the company even better 🙂

Saturday brought an early start to the day. I had to be at Times Square at 8 am for the Revlon Cancer Walk. I met Jenn Bee and her *kid* Belle, such a cute little dog. We walked the 5K among the thousands of people there. It was really crowded, even though this year it seemed their budget got cut a bit and the goodie bag and refreshments weren’t as plentiful. It was a great way to contribute to cancer research.

Then Cas had invited everyone for a picnic in the park to celebrate Liz’s birthday. Now that I think about it, this was the most celebrate birthday ever! Anyhow, friends showed up and we had a fun time.

After the picnic I headed home. I walked all the way home, to enjoy the park and the city, it was such a beautiful day. But by the time I got home I was so tired I could barely keep myself up. That was it for Saturday, there would be no going out drinking for me, although it would have been fun, I just couldn’t do it.

Sunday was a low key day. I went to get a mani/pedi and chose a bright magenta color, which actually looks very pretty. I love these girlie treats, for some reason they can totally make my day. I had pizza and ice cream for lunch and baked chocolate chip cookies during the afternoon (someone will need a little dieting this week to bounce back), so it was a TOTAL pampering day. I watched movies and caught up with online TV and saw some of my favorite Sunday night shows. It was a much needed restful day and much enjoyed.

As you can see my weekend was quite great. Hope yours was too! Care to share?


2 responses to “A Weekend of Celebrations

  1. I'm so glad you got a wonderful weekend. I know that loneliness. I fill it up with friends and fun, too.

  2. Kate – Yeah, friends and fun are the best to fill in the loneliness. Thank God for them!

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