Change – ¿Quién dijo miedo?

How can someone’s life change in a week you ask? I’ll tell you, because it just happened to me. It starts out Monday morning with an email from the Dublin City University stating they have accepted your paper to be presented at the Wiser Changing Boundaries: Spirituality and Education Conference being held in Dublin in June. It follows with a phone call from DePaul University offering you the position you interviewed for the week before, and for you which you were excited and hoping to hear from. Just this makes this day the BEST NEWS day ever.

But it doesn’t stop there. It follows with you finding out everything you can about Chicago and the life you might have there, and accepting the offer on Wednesday. To then prepare yourself, even more so, for your Dissertation Defense which is being held on Thursday and which represents the culmination of a 5 year long project which tried, but did not succeed, to take all living will from you.

On said Thursday you defend your dissertation, you get very insightful, tough, thought provoking and discussion inducing questions, which you handle with aplomb and grace, because you have meditated all week and are in a zen state no one can get you out of, even if they try their very hardest. You get Line 1 as a result of your defense and they congratulate you on how well you handled that *though* committee member. People start calling you doctor in the hallways now, because this is what you get after the 5 year endeavor topped off with the dissertation work.

So Friday’s not even over yet and you are now going to Ireland in June, moving to Chicago in the summer, starting a new, exciting job in the Fall and are now a Doctor. How’s that for change?


5 responses to “Change – ¿Quién dijo miedo?

  1. Oh wow, congrats!!!! Drinks before you leave ny!?!

  2. Good for you, go Jen!

  3. bex – Thanks! Drinks for sure!!!The Sarjent – 🙂 thanks.

  4. WAHOOO! Dr. Jen! I am SOOOOO excited for your New Life! I'm all about the New Life these days. And you get to meet Nilsa on top of it!

  5. Kate – 🙂 Thanks! Yep, I get to meet Nilsa in person. You should definitely come to visit!!!!

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