This Weekend? Much better!

This week was busy. I had an impromptu trip to Chicago for a job interview and having that in the middle of the week made it feel like two weeks in one. It was good though. I feel happy with my performance, now it’s up to them to decide if I am a good fit or not. Keep your fingers crossed though, this is a great opportunity if it is offered to me.

The weekend was good. Much better than last weekend, primarily because I had something planed to do each day. This time I thought ahead and had fun-accompanied-activities to do both days. Friday started out with a stay-in night. I was tired from the week’s buzz and ended up staying home and catching up on online TV, with some snack and a glass of wine. I’m enjoying my wine these days. That actually sounded like I’ve taken to hit the bottle, which I haven’t. In fact every time I drink it’s just a glass and more like once a week than any more frequently. Still, I’m liking it. I think I missed wine.

Saturday was kind of a mixed bag, because I had some errands to run and I decided I would meditate and go for a river walk/jog, which usually just happens on a week day. It was beautiful though. One of the most beautiful NYC Spring days so far and I enjoyed being out there tons. I need to remember to bring my camera with me next time we have one of those days, to be able to capture it and then show it to you all here. It is really beautiful.

At night it was D’s farewell/birthday party. She lives all the way out in Brooklyn and to my surprise, very close to where Jason lives. I was dreading going to Brooklyn again. I hadn’t been back since the breakup and really saw no need to do so. But it’s D and she’s going away for a year, I had to go. I made plans to go with Jac, so that we could keep each other company on our way there and back. Good thing too, because the trains were running on crazy schedule and we had to do several stops and changes to get there. It took us 2 hours and 15 minutes to get to Brooklyn, can you believe? I think we broke some sort of record of the longest it has taken anyone to get off this island.

Anyhow, the party was great. Here are some pictures. Sorry for the bad quality, iPhone was all I had and without a flash, this was as good as it got.

D, Jac and Me

Playing Celebrity
The Cake
What I was drinking, of all things… I just don’t like beer, what can I say?
At some point it was hookah time. I’d never tried this, it was… interesting? I don’t smoke, so don’t really see the appeal, but it was apple flavor, so that was something I guess.
These are D’s guitars, aren’t they cool?
This is a painting she has that I really liked.
Especially the details of the butterflies.

It was a great party, the food was good, the people were happy and D had fun, which was the main point. I’m glad I went with Jac and not by myself though. The trek there and then the one coming back was a bit much, I’m sure at some point going there I would have given up and headed right back home, especially when it started to rain. I’m glad I didn’t. I’m really glad I went.

Sunday was complete crap weather all day. Raining, cold, gray, just awful. I wish I had not made plans for Sunday and could just stay in bed, under covers reading, but alas, out I went. I went with Liz to see a play in which a friend of ours was acting. It turned out to be a really good play and the acting was excellent. I really liked it.

The subject matter was a bit sad though. The issues among classes, political upheaval and overall injustices of society. And since it was in Spanish, actually written by a Venezuelan screenplay writer, it hit home more than once. I cried a few times, it got intense at points. If you’re around you should go see it. It’s in Spanish, but they have a screen with the translated text for only-English speakers.

After the play we headed toward the UWS again and walked through a Street Fair going on on Broadway. The poor guys where there throughout the drizzling rain. Not a great day for a street fair, but they prevailed. Hunger hit and we went to the Hummus Place to have a late lunch. It was close to 5 so you can imagine how starved I was. I get very cranky when I’m hungry and this was starting to show, so it was a good thing we decided to go it. The food was good. A little too vegetarian for me, I missed my bits of chicken, but still very tasty.

I then headed back home. I still needed to go by the supermarket and get some food for tomorrow. So I skipped Sophie’s invite to play “Scooby-Doo Monopoly” and trolled over to the UES. I intended to read a bit. I finally have time for fun reads!!!! and I started Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol a few days ago. I have to say I am hooked! It really sucks you in, well, as much as any of his books.

I tried to read, instead I fell asleep and napped for about an hour. I was really tired. I got up in time for my favorite Sunday night TV shoes and watched that. I went to bed spent, having had a great few days. I’d say this weekend was pretty good, and in comparison with how I was feeling last weekend, a total win!


3 responses to “This Weekend? Much better!

  1. Ay Jen, gracias por esto, no sabes, fue como si hubiera ido a la fiesta. La extrañaré en mi próximo viaje a NYC. Llego el 21 de mayo, ¡hagamos plan para vernos! Te leo y es como si estuviera en NYC, la sensación de la primavera y el olor del viento, tan único, tan NY. Ya casi, ya casi… I still can't believe it!

  2. Well, it's too bad you're not an alcoholic, because that's an awesome place to meet fun people. Hahaha! It's the ONLY place I meet people these days. Otherwise, it's just little ol' me and the cats.

  3. Mond – Que chevere que vienes!!! Si, tenemos que hacer muchas cosas cuando estes aqui, yo quiero aprovechar el verano y disfrutar NYC como nunca. Estoy muy contenta de que vengas Ing!!!Kate – It is nice to have a support group and a place set up in a way meeting new people is almost done for you. I think I'll pass on the alcoholic bit though 😉

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