Work Week

This week has been very job/work oriented. I guess after turning in the dissertation, the universe kind of said “ok, what’s next? Job? Here we go!”

I got a call from Moravian, the place I went to for the interview back in February. They went with someone else, but the chair of the department, the man who called me, was so nice and positive and I thought it was very nice of him to tell me I had made a very good impression on him and he had been rooting for me all along. At the end it’s decided by majority, so there’s not much one person can do.

I received an email from DePaul, a university with which I had a phone interview some months back. They want to interview me in person, so I’m flying to Chicago next week for a full day class presentation, research presentation and multiple interviews.Wish me luck!

I bumped into a friend from my masters’ days last Saturday at a lecture and we exchanged info. She left a voice message on my machine a couple days ago with a lead for a job in NY. She knows someone who is starting a head start program and is looking for people, plus has contacts and can orient me in my search.

I also went into the Chronicles website and looked up more postings and sent a couple of resumes out to different places. And my friend Ina sent my CV to some people she knows at the Dep of Education in NY.

Things seem like they’re rolling in job search department. I wish I could stay in NYC and not move, but I need to apply to different places and at least have the interview experience. So far, things are looking good and promising. I am hopeful and I do believe the right job will come about, it’s just a matter of doing the leg work, putting the word out there and finding it.

Right now though, I’m happy with how things are developing and the direction they’re taking. Life is good and it will only get better 😉


2 responses to “Work Week

  1. Right now, you don't know where life is going to take you. And I think that's a good thing. Looking forward to new starts is an amazing feeling.

  2. Kate – Yeah, I'm excited about the possibilities. Who knows what's coming next.

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