By March

I wrote this some time back and with all the recent drama, forgot to updated it and post it by the end of March. I’ll do it now.


At the beginning of the year I set a few goals for myself and some of them had a March due date. Others had a later date or were meant to be accomplished throughout the year. Regardless, I’m thinking it’s wise to do a first trimester assessment while I’m at it, and see where I’m at, you know, in case I need to adjust things and not have it all be a complete fail come December. Here goes:

1. Lose 11.5 lbs by the end of March. I weighed 131.5lbs when I started my regime plan last week, so that means the goal is 120 lbs.~ Uhm, ok, I think we need to reassess this one. I weigh 128 lbs now, so I have lost something, but not even close to my goal of 120 by the end of March. I think Once I get my will power and disciplined act back, I’ll be able to tackle this full on like I did a couple years ago.

2. Exercise more weekly, that includes gym and yoga.~ I’ve been going to yoga once a week almost religiously, especially since I found my new instructor, whom I absolutely love. The gym, well, it’s been inconsistent. Some weeks I make it there twice, even three times, but most weeks it has been once or even none at all.Now that the weather is nicer, I’m starting to go out for jogs along the river. That always helps me exercise more, so there’s hope.

3. Finish my dissertation, defend it and graduate in the May commencement ceremony. ~ I finished my dissertation and turned it in. My defense is scheduled for the 29th of April and if all goes as planned I’ll be walking in the May 18th commencement ceremony. Yay!

4. Get a full-time professional job starting August. ~ Working on this.

5. Change my citizenship (this one will be bitter sweet). ~ This one is in the works too, it’s going to take a long time though, might not even accomplish it this year, but it’s coming.

6. Be happy. No matter what I’m doing, enjoy it. ~ This one I’ve done more so than I thought I would and it hasn’t been all that hard either. I have to say, it’s mainly because of Jason. He’s so happy and smiley all the time, how can it not rub off on me? (This was obviously before the recent drama. I have to get back on the happy horse. I’m working on it.).

7. Do more contemplative, spiritual activities, like learn and practice meditation.~ I took on meditation for Lent thanks to a recommendation from Kate. It’s been interesting. I don’t think I have mastered it by any means, but at least I’m doing it now.

8. Call my friends more frequently, at least one friend a week. ~ I have not done this one much at all. I have talked to my friends, but mostly it’s them doing the calling. I need to get on it with this one!

That’s it so far. Some goals are well in the works, some need a LOT more work, but I guess I still have 8 months to go, so there’s hope. How about you? How are those resolutions coming along?


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