10 Favorite Things Right Now

Enough with this gloom. I read Abbersnail’s 10 Favorite Things Right Now and decided I’ll do a similar post to up my spirits. It’s time I change gears and start being happy, hopeful and thankful again.So here goes, 10 things which make me smile these days:

1. The World Cup is around the corner, can’t wait for some good old fashion fútbol!

2. Spring! We’ve been having sunny, crisp, perfect days in NYC and it really just makes my day.

3. My dissertation is done and submitted and now I’m truly excited about prepping for its defense (it’s on the 29th, so keep posted).

4. Crumbs’ b&w frosted cookie. If I ever need a pick-me-upper, this is it. 

5. Knowing that eventually, with time, everything will be ok.

6. Wednesday yoga!

7. Resuming my East River jog/walks, they are truly perfect.

8. Long talks with good friends.

9. My mom and all the support she gives me every day.

10. Embracing meditation and getting a hang of it.

What are your favorite things these days?


2 responses to “10 Favorite Things Right Now

  1. You're doing this thing, hon. And good for you for turning it around. If only for a moment.The sunshine makes me happy. Every little bit of it warms my soul. Soak it up.

  2. Kate – Yes, I needed a break from all the sadness.Sun, yes, makes everything better 🙂

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