Rethinking that

I think I’ve been over thinking this whole thing. Yes, Jason is going through a tough time, but he decided he didn’t want to be with me. He doesn’t want my help or company, regardless of how much I want to give it to him. If he did, he would have contacted me already. Also, the fact that I’m not with him doesn’t mean he’s going through this alone. He has friends and family, he has support. I don’t need to feel like I need to find strength in me to give him something he hasn’t even asked for. I’m letting this go.

Can you just see my rational side kick in? Yeah, me too. And I hope it lingers, because this overwhelming sadness is starting to get old.


2 responses to “Rethinking that

  1. Rational. Blech. But it's the better part of us when our emotions would rule the day. You're doing the right things. You really, really are.

  2. Kate – thank you Kate!

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