I turned it in

Today was a good day. I got up extra early to finish reading my dissertation for the last time and doing all the edits before turning it in. Around 11ish I sent out an email titled “Dissertation for Printing” to the duplicating department at TC. I called some time after to see if they had received it and they told me they were printing it already. The feeling of accomplishment was great.

I went out for my East River walk/jog and the weather couldn’t be any more perfect.The sun was out, it was warm, there were girls in bikinis tanning and guys with their shirts off taking in the rays. Perfect.

I then got cards together with the defense’s details and headed out to TC to pick up my print outs. They had four very neat boxes set for me and a bound copy which I ordered for myself. I distributed the boxes to everyone, some hand-to-hand and others I left in mail baskets, and my sponsor’s copy will be mailed tomorrow.

Again, the sense of accomplishment was big. I headed out with my bound copy in hand and a huge smile. I did it, I finished the dissertation and turned it in for the defense! This is a very big, definite step. The end product looks something like this:

I had planned to meet with my friend JW to catch up. He had been traveling through South America for 3 months and we hadn’t really talked in ages. He wanted to hear my story and I wanted to hear his. We set out to meet at the Apple store on 5th Ave and take it from there. It was perfect because I had to go by Central Park to get there, and what better place to go to, when feeling on top of the world, than my favorite place in NYC?

On my way there I bumped into Simón Bolívar, which I thought was kind of symbolic in a way.

We stayed at the Apple store for a while and then move to the fancy Starbucks in Trump Tower. The talking never stopped, but we started getting hungry, so we walked over to Burger Joint for some much needed comfort food.

It was a great way to celebrate my accomplishment. I really do need my friends right now. Thanks JW! And thanks to all of you who have been there for me, I truly appreciate the support.


2 responses to “I turned it in

  1. CONGRATULATIONS~! This is something I only ever dream of doing and YOU DID IT~!I know times are hard right now emotionally, but woman! Celebrate that you are strong and courageous to even DO a dissertation. Right? Of course right!

  2. Kate – 🙂 thanks! I know, I need to keep telling myself this. I did do it! 🙂

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