Making up

I still feel bad about all the venting I did the other day about TC. It’s like when you have a fight with your boyfriend and bash him to your friends and then after you make up and are all gooey eyes again, don’t know what to do with all you said or how to take it back.

TC is not only an incredible place. It holds all the history one would ever want about US’s education, and it is filled with knowledge and knowledgeable people. The people there, which at times has been my issue, are human as in any other place, and as so, they have their flaws. I sometimes think I expected supernatural from the people here because of the grandness of the place. Sure things could run smoother and people, especially those serving in admin offices, could be nicer, but they are still that, just people.

I have learned so much at TC and not just academically. I have learned when to speak up and when to hold it. I have learned that offering a smile and being kind takes you a long way. I have learned to be patient and I have learned to be humble. I have learned about the power that comes with being educated. I have made awesome friends and I know very smart and very talented professors, researchers and colleagues. Ultimately, I am part of the TC community too, and as so I am proud as well. Sure, we have our issues and our fall-outs, but at the end we always make up and TC will forever, even once I am not part of it anymore on a daily basis, be part of who I am and what I know. For this and much more, I am grateful and feel a bit guilty for not being able to appreciate the good parts all the time.


2 responses to “Making up

  1. Me acuerdo cuando caminaba por los pasillos en donde está el correo, solía aspirar profundamente porque podía oler el papel y la cantidad de historias (que han trascendido y no) que se han escrito en tan hermoso lugar. Desde los pisos de madera que rechinan, hasta la computadora más moderna, TC me parece un lugar lleno de magia. ¿Su gente? No encontré más que personas excepcionales que creen en la educación y en lo que ésta puede hacer por la humanidad. Entiendo tu frustración ante momentos tan importantes y decisivos, vienen cambios y, a veces, éstos traen avalanchas de emociones. Algo que me dio TC: a ti 🙂

  2. Gracias Ing. Yo tambien estoy muy agradecida a TC por haberte conocido a ti. A la final con todo y todo, lo bueno, lo malo y lo intangible, no me arrepiento de haber tenido las experiencias que tuve. Gracias! 🙂

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