I feel quite free now that my blog is private. I had been worrying way too much about who was reading what I wrote and it was taking all the fun out of it. Now I can rant, vent, and share ALL I want because I know who’s reading. Freeing, I tell you, freeing!

It all started about a month ago, at a job interview. Of course, after it happened I was not about to blog about it, so it’s not until now that I can share. So picture this. I am at this university for an all day interview (interviews are LONG like that in academia) in which I go from breakfast, to meeting, to meeting, to give a supervised class,to lunch, to drill (tell all you know and all you’ve done in the past 10 years of your life whether you remember it or not) session, to meeting, to meeting, to dinner, to ride back home, to snow. And during lunch, while I’m introducing myself to outside the department people, with whom I have never corresponded, a professor greets me with “Oh, I’m so disappointed. I thought I was going to get to see the hooker hair.”

Lets back peddle here for a bit. Do you remember this post? In which I struggled with a curling iron thingy and remembered the 80s in which I first discovered what I called hooker hair? Yeah, well, that’s what he was referring to. I could have had a truck hit me right there in the middle of a crowded cafeteria filled with people and would not had been as surprised. I could not believe it, and the only words I could muster under my complete and utter humiliation were “You read my blog?”

So you see, that was the turning point for me. Never had I been caught so off guard in a job interview, which is a nerve wreaking situation in and of itself to begin with. It took me a while, but I decided it’s for the best. This blog thing needs to be private, especially now that I am searching for jobs and reembarking in the professional world. My days as an unemployed student are numbered, and with the new status and the new job situation comes a new way of sharing, a more reserved me needs to be portrayed, because man in the sky forbid (name that movie!), a student gets a hold of this and then all hell breaks lose.

I eventually recovered from the blog incident during the interview (although all through lunch I was thinking “what else did I write that he read?!” Not fun.) and I think, the guy was left with a somewhat good impression of me. But I tell you, that’s something I do not want a repeat of, not soon, not ever!

The good thing is now things have changed. Now I’m free, so prepare yourself for no censorship. Now we get to the good stuff!


5 responses to “Free

  1. Jen, gracias por invitarme a tu blog…es un honor! jejejeje…Que experiencia más embarazosa la que relatas en este post…increible!…si antes te dije que entendía y apoyaba al 100% tu decisión, ahora te apoyo al 200% jejeje…suerte con tus entrevistas de trabajo y con tu "nuevo" blog…besos, Maraca.

  2. Maraca – El honor es mio, te lo aseguro! :)Si, la verdad es que no fue nada agradable la situacion y si pudiese cambiar los hechos lo haria. Pero bueno, "live and learn" como dicen. Gracias! Tengo que dedicarme a seguir buscando, porque he estado tan fajada con la tesis que no he tenido mucho tiempo de dedicarle a eso. Un besote Maraca y gracias por venir a leerme en estos lados.

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  4. I totally understand having to go private. But- question- this blog still shows up in my reader and I don’t have to put in a password to read it. Is it private? Most blogs that go private usually make me have a log in of some sort.

    • Yes, this version of the blog (on wordpress) is not private, it’s just written under a pseudonymous. The private version is on blogger, but I have actually not written there again since I moved it to wordpress. I’ve been thinking of making it private here too, because who knows, maybe it will come to bite me in the behind if I don’t.

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