After giving it much thought and asking people around me about it, I’ve decided to make my blog private. I don’t really want to do so, but I think the time has come to stop with the public display of over sharing and keep my life happenings to those I know. As much as I feel very open and very 21st century by putting it all out there, I’m starting to feel very uneasy while thinking who might be reading my blog and how it can negatively influence my professional life. This blog is personal. It’s about my daily occurrences, the people close to me, the things I do with my free time and my intimate thoughts. Some of these things I care-freely share with the world, others I just need to keep private. If you feel as though you must keep on reading and knowing about me, send me a note with your email and I’ll add you to my “only these readers can view my blog” list. For those of you not that interested, it was nice knowing you. Cheers, and keep the blogging going!


6 responses to “Private

  1. Mond – Gracias a ti! : )Sizzle – And I am so glad that you are! : )

  2. I understand your reasons. I’d love to keep reading 🙂

  3. Wait, this is an old post. What’s going on?

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