Food and flowers

This weekend we cooked. Sunday was the mark of 6 months of dating for us and we thought it would be nice to celebrate it with food. Apparently our favorite pass-time, which seems obvious from all the weight we’ve gained during these past months. Anyhow, aside from the chubbiness, we decided to make Smitten’s baked rigatoni with tiny meatballs and banana bread. I did most of the cooking, while Jason helped, especially by disabling the fire alarm, which seems to want to make a point of being heard every time I fry anything. Since I was cooking, as a treat, he brought flowers. I love flowers and these were pretty as can be. Take a look.

Prepping the meatballs.
Ready to fry.
Frying the meatballs. This is what set the alarm on high alert.
The end result, which we had for dinner Saturday night and Sunday lunch.
The banana bread, was breakfast.
 The flowers did their part too and looked pretty all weekend.
It was great. A nice way to celebrate the happy times together.
Hope you had a lot to celebrate about too and enjoyed a great weekend. 


4 responses to “Food and flowers

  1. It all looks lovely! Here's to eating and living well, even with a few extra pounds! 🙂

  2. Nicely done! My wife uses the smoke alarm as a timer…just kidding!

  3. YAY for six months!

  4. L – Cheers big ears! (that's what my BIL says and he's British, so no offense K?Buffalodick – It appears she and I are of the same kind ;)Sizzle – Yay indeed! I can barely believe it.

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