I usually stay in PJs and work on my dissertation from home on cold snowy days, but last week we had one in which I was caught without shampoo or food, so I had to go out. I needed to make a stop by the supermarket and then one by a CVS, but I thought why not make a fun outing of it and take my camera, so I did. This is what I saw.

My street. View to the West.
My street. View to the East.
The walk in which the kids, who had a day off school because of the snow, enjoyed some play time.
The park beside the walk.
The church close to the park.
It’s nothing like this anymore. The sun has come out, it has stopped snowing and the old snow has melted away. We still have patches of white here and there, but it looks like we’ll be back to normal soon enough. 


7 responses to “Snow

  1. Mond – Ay Ing, vente ya.

  2. You really got it good..I saw where it was the forth highest amount of snow NYC got since they have recorded such things.. We didn't get as much, but ours stays for months sometimes..

  3. So pretty! I'm glad it's over, but it was really cool to watch from a distance. 🙂

  4. Hola Jen!!, por aqui de vuelta a Bloggear…Cuentame a que hora fueron tomadas esas fotos? cuantos grados? brrrrr… cuanta ropa te pusiste?Un abrazo! 🙂

  5. There's nothing like a walk in a snowstorm…nice shots…I came here via kb's blog…

  6. Buffalodick – Yeah, we had two major snow storms in Feb, but it's true the snow never sticks for too long. I guess it's a good thing. L – Yep, the distance makes it all better doesn't it? ;)Clau – Que chevere que volviste, el mundo blogero te extra~o! Estas fotos fueron tomadas cerca de mi casa, en mi barrio como dicen, en la ma~ana a eso de las 10-11 am La temperatura, pues fria! 😉 Alrededor de 30 F. Y de ropa, con mi super abrigo de 'down' todo frio es soportable :)Robert Dene – True, but only if properly dressed! 😉 Welcome to the blog, hope you stop by again.

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