Weekend fun

Another great weekend of eating at The Vinegar Factory, Two Boots, Bark Hot Dogs and Bergen Bagel. Of watching movies “The Invention of Lying” (fun and funny), “Northanger Abbey” (beautiful, for me at least) and lots and lots of Olympics events. A little venture to Target (madness on a Sunday) and the highlight, a visit to the NY Transit Museum. Take a look.


Sorry about the quality of the pictures, we forgot the camera and only had the iPhone. It’s a fun museum, if you’re ever in the mood, it’s totally worth the five bucks.


6 responses to “Weekend fun

  1. New York. One of my favorite places around.

  2. Thanks for the little slice of NY this morning. I don't miss it, but it does bring back good memories.

  3. Fun!I need to make another eating trip to NY again. I mean… visit! 🙂

  4. Jen- Very interesting! We have bus lines here- no underground transit.. We do have abandoned gypsum mines under a lot of the city and river, that are now used for underground storage..

  5. Ahhh… me encantaron todas tus fotos!Como siempre tu mostrando cada detalle, buenísimo!:)

  6. $5? i'm there. seems like a great place for inspiration. to get to experience what old new york what was like, well at least transportation wise 😉

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