Things I’m thinking while I meditate

I need to email Lynne.
Hmmm, frosted flakes for breakfast sound good.
Yikes, I didn’t turn on the heat, it’s getting cold.
Wow, that horn is loud.
I wonder who they’re honking at at this time.
My breathing seems very shallow today.
Maybe it’s because I’m half asleep still.
Should I do laundry today or tomorrow?
I need to look at that data again and get to the prompts.
Maybe I can set an appointment to the chiropractor for Monday, before that thing I have at 4.
What was that thing?
I need to call my mom as soon as I finish here, it’s her birthday today. 
My body feels more relaxed today, maybe I don’t need the chiropractor.
Yikes, I need to change the ring tone on that alarm for something more soothing.

And there you have it, 10 minutes of counting breaths and letting thoughts roam by.


2 responses to “Things I’m thinking while I meditate

  1. Sounds like it's working..

  2. Buffalodick – Not yet, but it will.

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