Valentine’s? Great!

I think I hadn’t been in a relationship during Valentine’s since… I truly don’t remember… I want to say 2001, but I could be wrong. I always celebrate it, I take chocolates over to Nick and Sophie, and it’s my dad’s birthday, so there’s always cake and music and sometimes even a party, but a significant other to buy gifts for and get surprises from, not so much.

This Valentine’s was special. It started out with a home cooked lunch by me Saturday afternoon. We had been meaning to cook and eat in and hadn’t had the time during the week, so Saturday it was. At night we had tickets to go see The Vagina Monologues at the Columbia theater. It was a undergrad student production, but still quite entertaining. Some of the monologues are a bit disturbing, it had been ages since I had seen this play, and suddenly some things came racing back. Others, I realized I had blocked out, sometimes reality is just too much of a handful to not try to forget it.

After the play we had dinner at Ollie’s across the street from Columbia campus and then stopped at the Sanderson’s to drop off some papers and see the kids briefly.

Sunday, Valentine’s Day, we woke up to presents. Jason got a card and a belt (an inside joke), and some chocolates. I got beautiful flowers, a card and some very good chocolates from The Chocolate Room. Chocolates were had in bed and since it was almost lunch time, pizza was had as breakfast.

After that, I had set out to make a pavlova for Valentine’s and so I did. The recipe’s here, for those who want (or NEED) it.

But that wasn’t it, our day was planned as follows. First we would go to the Merchant’s House Museum and roam around said to be haunted rooms in a house were the Tredwell’s lived for over a century. This house was made into a museum 1936 after it’s last owner passed away, and has been kept pretty much as it was then, through out the years. It was fun, but unfortunately we had no ghost sittings to report.

After the Merchant’s House visit we went to The Meatball Shop, a new little restaurant which just opened this week in the East Village. We tried from their menu, their chicken meatballs in Parmesan cream sauce, their classic beef meatball in classic tomato sauce over rigatoni, a slider of salmon meatball in mushroom gravy and a side of spinach. Accompanied by a beer and a glass of red wine. It was good, would definitley recommend it, although would totally skip the salmon and go for the spicy pork next time.

After dinner we cabbed it home, it was quite cold and my feet were killing me. Thankfully we found a cab pretty quickly and off we went.

Since today was technically a holiday too, we decided we take it sleeping in, having the rest of the pavlova for breakfast and then, after a nap, out for a late lunch/early dinner of chinese at 20 Noodles. There was a stop by H&M to exchange the belt for a shirt and another stop by Barnes&Noble, because who can resist books?
It was a great Valentine’s. Thanks babe for making it special 🙂


3 responses to “Valentine’s? Great!

  1. Meatball shop? What the heck? I MUST FIND A MEATBALL SHOP! And if I can't find out, I'm going to MAKE ONE! MEATBALLS! HOLY!Okay, I'm done shouting and I'm totally googling Pavlova today.

  2. Sizzle – It was great :)Kate – I know, right? They were good meatballs too. I totally forgot to post the recipe, but I just remedied that. Here it goes again, just in case:

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