Ideas for Lent?

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. I’ve been thinking about what to give up or take on (as I did last year) for Lent and haven’t been able to come up with a good idea. When I’m giving up something I usually scout for that which I seem to be addicted to at the time and choose from there, since it does require some sacrifice I should pick something hard. People give up booze or coffee, but those things mean nothing to me, so that wouldn’t be much a struggle.

Currently, I am hooked on several things, food-wise it’s coke zero, lollipops, bread with olive oil and goat cheese, and milk. These are things I have mostly every day. Technology-wise, I am currently dangerously hooked on twitter, reading blogs and bejeweled. Exercising is minimal these, so I guess I could take that on again, but for some reason I’m feeling a bit unmotivated. I don’t want to give up things I have in the past: chocolate (this is not that difficult these days), sugar (this one almost killed me), coke (I don’t think I can give this up right now), booze (as I said, I’m not drinking much these days to begin with), negative thoughts (easier said than done, this was a quick fail), taking-on exercising (which I guess is always an option).

I really don’t know what to give up… Do you have any good ideas? I’m inclined towards doing things that might help others, or giving up something for someone else. Please, if you have any thoughts shoot them my way, I seem to have consumed all my creative thoughts on this subject. Thanks!


6 responses to “Ideas for Lent?

  1. I don't give things up for lent. Instead, I give up 10 more minutes of sleep and get up earlier to do a longer time of prayer and meditation, instead of my quick daily reflections reading while I'm smoking my first cigarette of the day. I spend 10 solid minutes in preparation for the day. And it often lasts much longer than Lent. It's just a good reminder to get back in the habit of what makes me feel better.

  2. My boyfriends only response when I asked him what he was giving up was "I'm a bad Catholic" and then he went on doing what he was doing. :)Hey I know. Give up going out to eat. Then you give up something that you really would miss AND you save money. ha..ha…

  3. I always give up smoking for Lent…but of course, I've never smoked 🙂

  4. Kate – You are brilliant! I've been meaning to start meditating for a while now and this is the perfect time to start. Thanks for the idea!PinkPiddyPaws – Good idea, but with my budget I already eat out as little as possible 😦 so it wouldn't be much of a sacrifice.Buffalodick – Me neither! 😉

  5. Kate's idea was a great one. My only idea was to vow to say something positive, friendly, kind and or encouraging to X number of people a day.Someone did that to me last Saturday and it made my whole day!

  6. Weekends Off – Yeah, I think so too, that's why I'm taking it on 🙂 But i like your idea as well. I'm trying it for sure, maybe not for Lent, but I will do it one of these days. Thanks!

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