Jason lives in Brooklyn and these days I spend quite some time there visiting. For a girl who used to never leave “the island”, I think that is considered progress. Last weekend I took my good camera with me and shot around the neighborhood. Better pictures are to come, since it was just too cold to keep up the shoot for longer. For now, I give you “along Flatbush Avenue“.

The Mexican place around the corner.
Jason’s gym.
You should hear Jason imitating the man that works here. Hilarious! 
Jason’s Duane Reade.
The new Thai place we’ve never been to.
Franny’s, great pizza, not so great wine. 
Cuban place we need to check out.
Never been here either, I guess we need to eat out more.
Best bagels in all of Brooklyn and maybe all NYC. Here we do go often.
Yum! Getting a bit too hungry here, off for dinner. Buen provecho!


4 responses to “Brooklyn

  1. Very fun! Next trip, I'm going to go to Brooklyn. It's a must!

  2. L – Indeed a must. This here is not even the half of it, I'm sure you'll love it.

  3. We've lost a lot of our locally owned restaurants here..Now we have what we call on major streets as "Franchise row" chain restaurants!

  4. buffalodick – well chain or otherwise, it's always to go out to eat now and then. Glad you have your row.

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