Focusing on Work

I’m not working this semester. The project I was working on at AERI for the past two and a half years ended in December. I worked hard last semester to finish the deliverables and meet the December deadlines, which culminated with a team meeting across the department. The final products were sent off to the clients this past week, and with them the chapter was closed.

I came back from Jamaica with a set plan to work diligently on my dissertation and I have, for the most part, done so. It’s a bit strange for me to not be involved in some sort of work, outside work, paying work, which seems to have been my common denominator even before graduating college. It feels liberating to be able to focus on my dissertation writing exclusively, which I never seemed to have the time for before, although I have to say it’s daunting too.

A part of me feels I could be doing so much more, being so much more productive doing 5 things at a time, as I usually am, but it was proven, that didn’t work for dissertation writing progress. So I have no excuses now, besides, I feel as though this huge elephant was lifted from me by finishing the job. I mean, the project was great, I loved what I was working on, interesting, noble, and hopefully worthwhile for the clients. But my boss was a different story altogether. Without getting into details here, lets just say I’m glad that work relationship is over, so glad, its freeing.

There’s the matter of income, or lack thereof, which always seems to rob sleep from me. But I’ll be ok. I’ll be a little more in dept than I would want by the time I finish, but nothing I won’t be able to recover from in a year or two. So that’s not a big issue. The thing I am focusing on now is getting this dissertation done with and be able to defend it successfully and graduate in May.

Then there’s the matter of job hunting. I need a full time job for the next academic year. I’ve been applying to places, 5 so far, and received confirmation from two. One of them seems very interested in me and I’m going for an interview next week. I am super excited about the whole process although I know it will be a bit exhausting (you should see the schedule they sent me!). It starts Monday at noon and ends Tuesday night. Send me positive vibes, will you? I need all the good mojo I can get.

So there it is, my life as it stands currently. My focus? Work. My days? Work. My life? Work. Yeah there are other things going on, there always are, good ones, fun ones, happy ones. But for the most part I need to keep focused on work and get this thing done already!

So when I say I’ve spent the entire day home in my PJs in front of my computer, don’t fell too jealous, there probably wasn’t any glamorous R&R there beside the occasional break to read blogs and twitter. For the most part I’ve been working, so no need to turn green or any other nonsense. 


6 responses to “Focusing on Work

  1. Let me know if you're ever doing any writing at TC. I'd love to meet up with you and could definitely use the motivation!

  2. Well, spending the day doing research and writing in my pjs sounds like heaven to me. Good luck!

  3. Emily – Sure thing! I most likely will be going into TC on Wednesdays for yoga and then stay the afternoon working at the library. Let me know if/when you're around.Kate – I know, it's not bad at all. Most days I enjoy it, it's just… well I have to complain about something, right? 😉

  4. I'll cross my fingers and toes for you next week if you'll do it for me. I am having a housing crisis at the moment, I find out next week what happens. Also mon or tues…good luck to you for your interview! x

  5. I remember the few weeks before I left college- a mix of joy and apprehension!

  6. I once met somebody who I respect as being very productive, and I asked him for a time management tip. He said to focus on only ONE thing per day. It's when we focus on a different thing each hour that we feel overwhelmed and unproductive.SOOO… if you are cutting out your distractions then great!! You'll definitely be able to finish your dissertation fast.Buenas Suerta,(the other) Jason

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