Weekend with the Kids

Liz and Cas were away for weekend and I was left on auntie duty from Thursday afternoon until Sunday night. It started out well. Friday night, after a day of school (for them) and university (for me), we had dinner and then baked cookies and had them with whipped cream. As Nick said “this is a great way to begin the weekend!”

Saturday morning they both had taekwondo, so off we went after breakfast, to class. Sophie met Isabella there and started promptly her class. While Nick waited doing his favorite pastime and baby William chilled, because something about being too little for class or some nonsense like that.

Then it was Nick’s turn to start his class. He’s quite advanced by now having started at 3 and all. He has about one more year and he can test for his black belt.

After class Sophie had a much awaited playdate with Isabella, which involved a movie, some chicken nuggets and french fries and of course, some dancing. Nick and I went back home to have lunch while we waited for Jason to come over. We watched Star Wars’ Return of the Jedi, which Nick had never seen and Jason knows by heart. We played wimp-out and dominoes and then went over to get Sophie, for a night of pizza and The Princess Bride, which Nick had never seen and absolutely loved.

Sunday was the day Nick’s friend Josh and his mom were coming over to work on a science project. Sophie and I hung out, went to the supermarket, cooked lunch and prepped for her upcoming kindergarten test (yes, the 4 year old will be tested next weekend to start the kindergarten application process, crazy!). Once the boys were done we headed over to a concert Nick’s guitar instructor was giving. I loved this. It was the only grown up thing I got to do all weekend and enjoyed it tons. Sophie, on the other hand, not one piece into it, turned around, looked at me and said “Je-Ji I’m getting very bored” and proceeded to fall asleep promptly on my lap.

The falling out part of the weekend came when I had to battle with Nick to finish his science project, type it and send it to his friend, while all he wanted to do was play and bug the hell out of Sophie. It wasn’t pretty and unfortunately left me feeling like no time soon will I sign up for this again! But all in all, it wasn’t so bad. It just ended on a bit of a sour note.

Liz and Cas showed up around 8ish and took it from there. After catching up a bit, I was off home, to my grown up life of doing whatever the heck I want to do pretty much all the time. So there, next time I get my “I want to have a baby” urge, just remind me of the ending of this weekend and we’ll be golden.


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