2010 List

I didn’t set resolutions for this year, more than keep the big ones I had last year of being more spontaneous and more giving, but those seem to be ongoing in life anyway. I set a list of things I want to accomplish this year, they’ve been roaming around in my head like a to-do list and I figured if I write them down they’ll let me be, so here goes:

1. Lose 11.5 lbs by the end of March. I weighed 131.5lbs when I started my regime plan last week, so that means the goal is 120 lbs.

2. Exercise more weekly, that includes gym and yoga.

3. Finish my dissertation, defend it and graduate in the May commencement ceremony.

4. Get a full-time professional job starting August.

5. Change my citizenship (this one will be bitter sweet).

6. Be happy. No matter what I’m doing, enjoy it.

7. Do more contemplative, spiritual activities, like learn and practice meditation.

8. Call my friends more frequently, at least one friend a week

I have a ton of other things I know I need to do in 2010, like get my eyesight checked and probably buy contact lenses, visit the dentist again, pickup my guitar lessons, get myself organized with house work and cleaning and the sort, but I will get those done regardless, so they didn’t make the priority list. Do you have a list of your own?


8 responses to “2010 List

  1. great list of achievable goals – go jen!

  2. oh and my list is as follows:1) run 1 road race per month2) run the nyrr 1/2 marathon grand prix (1 1/2 marathon in each borough)3) practice yoga 4 times per month4) break 4 hours in a marathon (this goal involves weight loss and speedwork)5) read more – outside of courseworkcheers to 2010 and the adventures to come 🙂

  3. I have losing 14 pounds on my "unofficial list" for the year… I've had a fairly impressive weight gain creep up on me during my relationship with HW! Gotta love those "love pounds."

  4. bex – great list! I wish I was that determined to run and actually could do it ;)abbersnail – What is it with relationships/love and gaining weight? It never fails, as soon as I start seriously dating someone I gain weight and so does he. It's like we're too comfy to make the effort and we're just too happy to say no to cookies, ice cream and cupcakes…. mmmm cupcakes.

  5. Be happy. THat's my favorite one.

  6. Kate – That's my favorite one too 🙂

  7. Setting goals gets you closer to who you think you wish to be.. even if you don't achieve them, you got closer.. Go easy on yourself..forgiving others is wonderful, but forgive yourself first..

  8. buffalodick – Wise as always. Thanks! 🙂

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