The first days in Jamaica were stressful for me. I’m not sure why, but I was stressed. It might have been the fact that Jason was meeting my parents for the first time, or that the dynamic when my parents, sister and I are all together resorts to old dynamics from when we were kids, which really bug me at times, or that I still had extra stress lingering around from the trip and Christmas prepping. Who knows, the fact is that I was stressed, not a happy camper and it was starting to show. The third day there I decide “this is it, from here on now I will be happy!” And the next day, just like that, I was. It felt good to be in control of my mood and to have decided to be happy and have it be. It was a little bit like magic, but it reminded me of how much control we really do have over the way we feel, the way we receive and interpret the world and all that happens to us within it.

A few days after this resolution I read in The Tarot Lady’s blog a post on numerology and how there’s a site with interpretations of what 2010 will mean for each of us depending upon our personal number. My number this year is 3 and 3 is interpreted this year as A Journey to Personal Happiness On a Sea of Appearances. Apparently this year, for me, is all about detecting what makes me unhappy and changing it or banning it from my life. This is the year to not find happiness, but to create it. Now is this synchronistic or what? I had determined myself to be happy and made it to be just that be, and here they’re telling me this is exactly what I need to be doing this year. I seem to be on track. Yeah!

I resolute that this year, everything I do I’ll do happy. Meaning if I find myself stressing out, getting grumpy, being annoyed that things are not right on track, or the sort, I will switch myself to my happy mode. I will enjoy everything I do, be it work, a chore or something fun. Everything. I will enjoy and be happy about all I do. So far it’s really feeling good. Not that I don’t want to fall into my default setting of worrying and stressing, but I do catch myself, and once I do I can change my mood and be happy again. Smiling helps a lot too. This I discovered ages ago. If you force yourself to smile, even when you don’t feel like it, eventually it kicks in and tricks your brain into believing you feel good and happy. It’s like the brain is saying “look, she’s smiling, she must feel good, quick kick in the feel good endorphins!” and voila, I feel good.

So there you have it, this year I will be happy, it is a decree. How about you?


4 responses to “Happy

  1. I agree, this is such a great way to live! It really improves life and I think it can rub off on the people around us.I think what you said about smiling can also apply to other actions — for example, improving how you feel about others by behaving as if you're 100% happy with them. Sometimes when my toddler is REALLY driving me around the twist and I just want to shout (oh dear) I go instead and give him a hug or tickle him to hear him giggle, and suddenly I feel like I can cope with his… well, his crazy toddler-ness. It works! Usually :)Good luck with your VERY happy new year!

  2. Sweet Olive Press ~ Helen – Totally! It's like that saying "fake it 'till you make it". Nothing beats convincing oneself everything is alright to start believing it actually is. Oh and that toddler of yours? He's adorable! :)Thanks! And a HAPPY new year to you too!

  3. DUDE! I just totally linked to that site and guess what part of number 6 is?!!!!A year of re-inventing yourself. DUH!

  4. Kate – 🙂 Synchronistic!

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