Movies and Books

Looking back at last week it was definitely a movies and books week. It was my last vacation week in Miami, so there was quite a bit of shopping done too, but after arriving to NYC it was movies and books all the way. Wednesday when I got back, Jason came over for dinner and a movie. We saw Julie & Julia and I liked it. I know a lot of you out there have absolutely loved it and even seen it several times. I thought it was ok. Meryl Streep superb as always, and the rest, well, ok, likable. On Thursday we went to see Avatar 3D in the movie theater. I really liked this movie. The animation is great, the colors, the big screen aspect to it, it felt epic. The story is nice too and the message is one which, even though we’ve heard many times, it wouldn’t kill us to hear it again, especially since we’ve done little to nothing to fix it and prevent the upcoming consequences of our thoughtless acts as human beings. Anyhow, Jason didn’t like it. Not at all. He thought the plot was completely predictable, the characters flat and two dimensional, the script suckie and the acting left him wanting more. I agree with him, but for me it was about the special effects and the morale, and to that end, the movie is pretty good.

Then, on Friday night we stayed in and watched a screening copy of It’s Complicated. Again Meryl Streep was very good and believable, but Alex Baldwin, not so much. Jason thought Steve Martin was wasted in his role, but overall, I’d say, the movie is cute and a good netflix choice. 

Over the weekend we finished Australia, which despite all the bad press and critiques it got, I liked it a lot. I mean, Hugh Jackman, need I saw more? We also watched A Serious Man, which I think I didn’t quite understand. For some reason I think if you’re not Jewish this movie could be wasted on you, or at least it was on me. The acting was pretty good though, the guy really did a great job as the biggest pushover I have ever seem on screen, I kept on expecting him to lose it and smack someone hard, very hard. he didn’t.

Then there was Choke, which Jason saw and I kind of saw between playing bejeweled and reading. A bit disturbing if you ask me. Anjelica Huston was very good as usual, but her character was nuts and made everything a bit too crazy for me to identify with any of it.

The book part of the week is still ongoing, as I seem to pick up a new book every day without finishing the one I was previously reading. On my nightstand, currently I have:
Ask a medium and So you want to be a medium? by Rose Vanden Eynden. I’m into spiritualism and these books answer a lot of questions I’ve had at different points in my life and some others I hadn’t even considered. If you’re into the spirit world, I highly recommend them.
Time and again by Jack Finney. One of Jason’s favorite books. I started it yesterday and so far I’m hooked.
On love: a novel by Alain de Botton. I had’t come across such a well written prose in quite a long time. And the subject is perfectly engrossing to me and right on with my personal experience. I think this book is just brilliant.
All we ever wanted was everything by Janelle Brown. I got this from the library before going on vacation and couldn’t take it with me because it was too heavy (the copy I have is hardcover). The story is a bit common so far, but the characters are interesting and more twisted than first impressions lead to believe. I haven’t gotten too far into it, so can’t quite recommend it yet.
And then I have Oracle night by Paul Auster and The history of love by Nicole Krauss, which I have not started yet.  Not to mention the stack of books I need to finish reading to jump start my dissertation writing. So wouldn’t you agree it’s been about movies and books lately. Personally I’m loving it!


2 responses to “Movies and Books

  1. whoa go Jen!! I wish I had the time…it all seems to be about the work at the moment.

  2. The Sarjent – Yeah, I know what you mean. As of Monday it's a whole different story. I need to work, work, work on my dissertation for here on.

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