Merry Christmas!

Ever since I sent out the last of the two manuals I was working on, last Sunday, I’ve been officially on vacation and it has been non stop. Sunday night Jason was due to come back from Beach Haven, his last showing of Ebenizer was that day’s matinee and that was it, no more theater for him, at least for this year. So I was set to trek over to Brooklyn to meet him. Monday would be the day we would drive to Long Island to leave Jason’s car at his step-mom’s, because you  see, we’re going to Jamaica for the holidays! Wait, let me say that again, amongst all this snow, Jamaica people!

As you keep Jamaica in mind, another piece of fabulous news is that I met Jason’s family. To be frank it’s not that big of a deal to me. In Venezuela we know our significant other’s family even before they become significant, so to me, meeting the parents does not mean the same thing as it probably does to you. But anyway, we met Jason’s dad, who took us out to dinner and who is a very nice man. Incredible to me, that at almost 70 years old and retired, he is so full of energy, better fit than any of us and competing in biathlons, dieting, running 4 miles a day, and seriously studying music mind you. He went back to school after retirement, something I will never do. And if I ever get that incline, please remind me of graduate school, the second time around, and I will quickly desist. 

After dinner we went over to Jason’s step-mom’s place where I got to meet not only her, but also his brother, his brother’s girlfriend, an uncle, the uncle’s ex-wife and one of their daughters. If this weren’t me we were talking about, it might have been a bit daunting, but again, not a big deal, and the people were all lovely, sweet, nice, talkative and funny. I had a great time, enjoyed very much meeting all of  them and liked being with Jason while he shared with his family. We took the LIRR back into the city quite late, and by the time we got home we were spent.

Tuesday was the first official day of not having anything pressing on the agenda. We slept in, had Two Boots Pizza for lunch and went to see Up in the Air at 1pm, why? Because we could. When else can we go to the movies in the middle of the day? The movie is very good, highly recommend it. The script and the acting are the main attraction. The story is kinda sad and I left the movie theater a little more than bummed. While Jason was beside himself with excitement because it was one of the best movies he had seen in the theater in a while (it is that good of a script). I, on the other hand, was depressed. Really, I felt like someone had hit me over the head with a brick and had left me wondering where all the hope had gone. Nevertheless, it’s a good movie and I’m glad I saw it.

Fortunately, we were meeting Jason’s friends, who were in town from California, down in Union Square for drinks, and since they were a bit late, we got a chance to roam the Union Square Market for a bit. My spirits rose and all was well with the world again.These friends were truly great, loved them. We had drinks at Coffee Shop and talked for a while, I had my first hot chocolate of the season, it was delicious. Around 6ish it was time for me to head up town again, I had a pre-Christmas dinner with the Sanderson’s.

Since we’re all going to Jamaica (Jamaica, people!) we decided to exchange gifts here, before the trip, so that we don’t have to lug presents over to the Caribbean and back. We had a delicious leg of lamb, my absolute favorite for dinner, with roasted potatoes and carrots. I took over some Two Little Red Hens mini cupcakes and tried ginger flovored ones for the first time, very good.

After dinner we exchanged presents. You should have been there, it was a sight to be seen. The kids were so excited, it was even called the best non-Christmas ever by some. Sophie was beside herself with “This is so awesome!” “I just love this!” It was great to see them so happy.

And now today, after two days of celebrating and goofing around it was time to get my act together, do some laundry, go get a mani/pedi, a bikini wax and do some serious packing. At night Jason came over though, and we had our own pre-Christmas dinner and gift exchange. We also thought there was no need for lugging stuff back and from Jamaica (Jamaica, people!) and it was sweet to have a little mini-pre-Christmas all for ourselves.

Tomorrow it’s travel time! I’m now all packed and ready to roll. Not looking forward to a 5 am wake-up call that is programed on my phone, but what can I say? Jamaica!

I’m not sure how much internet access I’ll have there, or if I’ll even want to go close to a computer. So, this is it, MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all and if I don’t get to stop by here sooner, have a wonderful NEW YEAR and may 2010 bring with it all your dreams, wishes and goals come true. Have a great one!

Me? All I can say is: Jamaica!


5 responses to “Merry Christmas!

  1. Merry Christmas!! Hope you enjoy your time in JAMAICA! So jealous…

  2. Have a great Holiday season, and enjoy your trip!

  3. Elaine – Thanks! It was awesome! Hope you had a great Christmas as well. Buffalodick – thank you! Hope you had a great one too.

  4. Jen muchas felicidades atrazadas, te estoy leyendo tan felíz que me da un gusto enorme leerte tan tan contenta,que bonitooo!!

  5. Pillo – Gracias Pillito! Si, la verdad es que estoy muy contenta y tratando de disfrutar cada momento y cada cosa que hago con una sonrisa. La vida es muy corta y es mejor vivirla contentos, no te parece? Ese es mi motto este a~o: "Be happy doing everything I do."

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